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April 30, 2013

New Sony Deals, Rebates, and Rumors!! – Sony Going Full Mirrorless in Early 2014 ????

sony slt-a58

Some new Sony Rebates and Discounts just announced and a huge Rumor about the Sony SLT (translucent mirror) being finished in the crop factor DSLR cameras!! Is the SLT-A58 really the last translucent mirror camera from Sony?

Crazy rumor I know, but Andre over at SonyAlphaRumors does a great job, and it’s honestly not that big of a surprise. The On Sensor PDAF perfromance of the Nex-6 and Nex-5r is really good, so the next generation should be significantly better yet!! Why keep the light choking translucent mirror there if it’s not necessary? I think this is great news, but my only concern is the speed of the AF tracking for sports type shooting. We shall see!

Another rumor that SAR was just posted!!

The Alpha line is not going away. They are working on technology that will outshine the competitors for early release next year.

Oh Boy!!! That is a bold statement for sure, but I know Sony has the technology to do it! Can they really pull it off in the DSLR market though?? If Sony really wants to succeed in the DSLR market for real, they are going to need a complete alternative solution to the CaNikon crowd.

If Sony goes mirror less, then they will have some distinct advantages over Nikon and Canon such as frames per second speed, electronic viewfinder, and probably killer video. They can also get away with a smaller camera body, but that is not necessary what a Pro would want. Serious enthusiasts are another story though, as weight/ bulk is often a concern for hiking and street photography. I think Sony will have to offer more than this in order to make people leave Canon or Nikon, but new photgraphers are going to have to make some decisions for sure!


New Sony Deals, Discounts, and Rebates!!

A few New Sony Deals, Discounts, and Rebates that you should be aware of if your in the market 😉

  • Save up to $250 on Sony Nex Cameras and bundles @ BHPhoto
  • NEX-7 $50 price drop @ BHPhoto | Amazon
  • NEX-5r $50 price drop @ BHPhoto | Amazon
  • NEX-3n $50 price drop @ BHPhoto | Amazon
  • Up to $400 savings on Sony camera-lens kits @ BHphoto
  • NEX-F3 with kit lens for $399 @ Amazon
  • $200 savings on Sony SLT cameras has been prolonged through June 1!! Amazon >>
  • Sony A99 Mega-Bundle DealAmazon >>
  • All Sony Alpha Lenses Deals @ Amazon >>

A Few Best Seller Links – Curious??

I know I always get a kick out of seeing what is selling best, and often find it very surprising. Whats cool is you end up seeing cameras that you would have noticed otherwise and might even find something better than you thought was even available!!


Looking for Old School Lenses on Ebay??

Here are some Ebay Auction Quick Links for the most common, easily adaptable lenses used on the Sony Nex Camera System!! 


Closing Remarks

That is about it for now, but I’m home today working on the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 Lens review, and be sure to check out the recently published Rokinon 35mm f/1.4 Lens Review Here >>

Here’s my little photographer buddy in training. Note the intensity on the search for a killer composition 😉

Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 Lens

Layla the Photographer – Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 Lens


I’ll catch up with you later and be sure to leave your thoughts on these crazy rumors in the comments area below!!


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  1. Mirrorless in the Alpha-mount cameras. Who’d have thunk it, eh? ;o)

    • Jay

      Thanks for the comments Al 🙂

      Well the Nex-6 and Nex-5r having it makes it seem like only a matter of time. I wonder if the PDAF will hold up though??

      Wonder if the Full Frame will go mirrolress as well??


  2. Gerard Kuzawa

    Speaking of the necessity for a very good speed off focusing at sporting events, the same can be said for other events such as weddings. It is amazing how dark a room can be with so much white. In My humble opinion, and for My recent incursion into trying to capture what the human eye can readily see but most cameras have great difficulty in seeing, even focus peaking needs to be optimized, not just for the (so-called) professional, but for everyone; There definitely needs to be more color choices. But even with having focus peaking improved, subject-in-motion lower-light auto-focusing should be an area where Sony NEEDs to improve on.

    Before this announcement I had decided to wait for whatever full-frame came after the A99. SLT is good, but better is beyond it… in the forward direction.

    Jay, TY for Your continued interest in sharing what You know. From the likes of You and several others I have learned allot.

    • Jay

      Thank you Gerard for the very kind words, and your very welcome!! You raise a lot of good points here and I’m curious to see what Sony has in store for us!!


  3. Tom

    From what I have read, the talk is that 2014 will see the NEX range at 50MP

  4. Jerry St Germaine

    I have a sony a350 and am looking to get a second camera but don’t what to go to. Do wildlife and landscape. What do you recommend?

    Thanks again

    • Jay

      Hi Jerry,

      Are you looking for an all in one style camera? Or are you looking maybe to go Mirrorless with the Sony Nex Camera system? Or do you have lots of A-Mount lenses and you want to get a second A-Mount camera? Image quality your primary concern? Portability? Zoom Range?

      Sorry for all the questions, but I need some kind of direction 😉


  5. Shamael

    Too late Jay, they did not wait for 2014, they just announced A3000 mirrorless DSLR with e-mount.

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