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July 6, 2012

New Full Frame Sony Specs, Sony Sensor in the Olympus OM-D E-M5?? And A Few Rebates/ Deals!!

Olympus OM-D E-M5

New Full Frame Sony Specs Leaked and highly reliable thanks to our buddy Andrea over at SAR!!

The official specs for the new full frame Sony camera (a99, slt-a99) have been delayed and rumored for some time now. The 102 cross type Phase Detection AF sounded to good to be true, but as it turns out it’s true!! WOW!!

I’m also happy to hear the shutter is  1/8000 as the 1/4000 found on the other models is not fast enough for the really  fast glass. I’m also really pleased with the weather sealing and 24mp sized FF sensor. That is enough pixels for what I need and some room to spare for most stuff. If I need larger I can Pano the scene 😉 I’d also like to know what kind of ports it has? If tethering is supported? etc..  Will have to wait a bit longer for those details unfortunately.

Hopefully the price will be somewhat reasonable, but with this feature set, and assumed image quality, it’s going to be higher than the Canon and Nikon full frames. We shall see what the price point is exactly and it’s possible we may get a rebate. As it stands now, Rumors are around $2500-$2800 US.

Also, Some new fast glass is promised to be announced with the Full Frame camera, so we have that to look forward to. We can all agree that we need More Sony Glass!!


New Sony Full Frame Specs – A99, SLT-A99

  • 24 MPX sensor
  • All cross 102 phase detection AF
  • ISO 50-25600 (can be extended to 102.400 with the final firmware)
  • Live view – evaluative & subject recognition lock-on AF
  • 1200 zone live-view evaluative metering
  • 1920×1080 60p and 24p
  • simultaneous recording of still&movie
  • 921K True Black 3 way tilt LCD
  • Shutter Speed 1/8000
  • New iAuto
  • Smart Tele converter
  • Magnesium body
  • Weather Sealed body
  • Built-in Flash
  • There will be a vertical grip too!

Sony Sensors in Olympus Also??

Yet another manufacture spills the beans!! As it turns out, one of the head guys at Olympus slipped up and said “it’s a Sony”

Courtesy of SystemKamera:

Since the first announcements of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 has been repeated speculation about the built-in image sensor. All attempts to elicit any information about the Olympus manufacturer of the installed sensor failed so far. It was repeatedly speculated that it could be installed in the sensor in the OM-D to a Panasonic sensor.

The cat is out of the bag!

Now it’s official. Hiroyuki Sasa, president of Olympus, had now, in an interview with Yahoo Japan the cat out of the bag: The sensor of the Olympus OM-D E-M5  comes from Sony.

Competition is good for business

It’s nice to hear that Sony is now a strong competitor in the Micro Four Thirds segment feeds. Competition is good as we know the business. If Sony and Panasonic in the future try to outdo each other, the Micro Four Thirds win customers only.

Courtesy of SonyAlphaRumors:

So after Nikon (for example the D800), Pentax (K-5) and Ricoh, we now have Olympus on board. Sony is far away from becoming the DSLR and Mirrorless camera market leader but they are now close to dominate the global sensor market!

Really good news!! More business and Clear Domination of the sensor market will hopefully bring us more killer cameras and lenses in the near future.



It seems to me Sony mis calculated the time it would take to develop a FF SLT. Seriously, for a company to abandon the current Full Frame SLR technology, knowing the competition is going to trounce you! After all, you sold Nikon the sensor with exclusivity. Time will tell if this proved to be wise, but the fact is it took a lot longer to develop the A99 then was originally planned. My guess is Sony was going to put out the A99 and with the 24 and possible 36mp sensors first, but they were not ready. So why not sell the technology, knowing they have no chance in selling it for at least another year? Seems plausible to me, and kinda makes sense. I heard the translucent mirror being so large for the full frame proved to be harder to overcome than they thought. In addition to that, the new AF Module had to be proven and tweaked countless times with countless lens combinations, ect.. The R&D must have been brutal and expensive!

I think the 36mp sensor was reserved for a full frame mirror-less hybrid that is still being tested.  Again time will tell, but it makes sense as the Nex-7 already has a 24mp sensor, so why not come out with a hybrid design like the one I’m working on?? Check it out over Here if you have a sec >>


A few deals Worth Eyeballing!!


Pentax  K-30 – In Stock!!

Pentax K-30 Digital Camera (Body Only) (Black)

Pentax K-30 Digital Camera (Body Only) (Black)


Increased Tamron Rebates – July-September

Increased Tamron Rebates

Increased Tamron Rebates


Closing Remarks

That is it for now, but stay tuned for some more Hands on Reviews of the Sigma E-Mount Lenses, the LA-EA2 Lens Adapter, and the Sony DT 35mm f/1.8 Lens. The Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens review is already finished and over Here>> if you missed it 😉

I also have a few more tutorials I’ll be adding to SAL from my other site I’m turning that website off as it’s just costing me money at this point. I’ll put most of the other tutorials as the original post dates, so they will be the Tutorials Category a few pages back. Quite a few Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials as well as Adobe Bridge, and Photomatix will be added in there if you need them!

Have a great weekend and thanks again for Supporting by clicking the links if you consider purchasing gear. The small commissions helps pay for the server juice, and is of zero cost to you!!


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