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October 27, 2012

New Capture One Express 6 and Pro one by Phase One | More Sony Lens Profiles and Camera Raw Support!!

Capture One Express 6

I downloaded the 60 day trial of Capture One Express 6 last night and I’m installing it now!! So far it looks awesome and the huge Sony Lens Profile Database the program has is incredible. The Raw Support for Sony is also the best out there from what I can tell.

How does the program work?? Stay tuned as I’m going to start testing in a few minutes!! I’ll be posting sample pics on the New Forum if you want to check them out later today 😉

Capture One is powerful program for organizing and enhancing photos. Very similar to Adobe Lightroom in a lot of ways, but has much better support for Sony cameras and Lenses. Lightroom is an incredible program, but the lack of Sony lens profiles and delayed Raw support really stinks sometimes!! Especially if you like to shoot raw and have a brand new Sony camera or Sony lens.

Here are the Links if You Want to Give Them a Try for Free!!

Check it out: Capture One Pro 7 >>

Download Free 60 Day Trial of Capture One Pro 7 Here >>

Watch Excellent Video Tutorials on Capture One Pro 7 Here >>

Check it out: Capture One Express 6 Here >>

Download Free 60 Day Trial of Capture One Express 6 Here >>

Watch Excellent Video Tutorials on Capture One Express 6 Here >>


World’s Best Image Quality

The professional’s choice for stunning results without delay

Get stunning images without delay. With tailor-made camera profiles that brings out the best in your camera, Capture One Express 6 can be used straight-out-of-the-box to deliver high-quality images with no fuss.

Powerful tools for the Photographer

Power and control

Capture One Express 6’s raw processing engine and precision adjustment tools gives you the power and control to deliver world-class image quality with excellent color and detail.

Capture One Express’ advanced image processing engine helps you to deliver superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail.

Every day the world’s most respected photographers depend on Capture One to achieve world-class image quality, with Capture One Express you can do the same.

World-class raw conversion for your camera
Capture One’s tailor-made camera profiles are renowned for providing ultimate image quality for leading digital cameras.
Each supported camera is tested and fine-tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a tailor made profile that brings out the very best in your camera.

Capture One image quality

Capture One supports image files from the most popular DSLRs – Canon, Epson, Fuji, Konica Minolta, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh, Samsung and Sony – as well as Phase One digital backs and selected Leaf and Mamiya digital backs.

Nondestructive adjustments
Experiment fearlessly with your images, Capture One Express will let you perform nondestructive adjustments on RAW, TIFF and JPEG image files without your files being at risk of being overwritten or changed. This way you always maintain your unique photography work.

Get stunning ready-to-use images without delay
Capture One Express can be used straight out of the box to deliver astounding images with no fuss. Its state-of-the-art image processing engine will help you to achieve vastly superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail. Capture One Express ensures that you get the very best results from your camera’s raw files.

Incredible Interactive Speed
Accelerate your workflow, editing and processing through cross-platform OpenCL and 64-bit support, which take full advantage of the latest graphical processing units and the advanced memory handling capabilities of the latest Mac and Windows operating systems. You get fast performance that does not compromise image quality.

Use Capture One Express as the key component of your photo workflow to organize your images.

With Capture One Express’ professional and file system based organization you are always in control of your images and workflow. Easy-to-use tools help you to organize, compare and select your images before adjusting them with Capture One Express’ precision tools.

The Import Window allows you to immediately import images and videos. This task is made even easier as you can apply multiple styles to image files during import.

Integrated Movie Import, Viewing and Handling
Import, browse and play back video clips, including HD video, from DSLR cameras.

The Library tool gives access to the images within Albums, Smart Albums, Favorites and to any image collection stored in folders on a computer or networked resource. It is easy to browse through the image collections thanks to the hierarchical tree structure of the library. It is even possible to work on images in folders without importing them (e.g. on a server or hard disk) to free up memory on your computer.

Metadata editing
Capture One Express offers powerful support for metadata that can streamline your workflow throughout the complete post-production process. The Metadata tool enables you to read, update, and modify valuable information at any point within the production process. The latest version adds XMP sync and Auto Load as well as a GPS link to Google Maps. Capture One Express provides wide support for exchange of metadata between applications.

Organize and select

Smart albums
Album folders are virtual collections that offer an easy way to organize images from different folders, without having to create duplicate images in the same folder. Smart Albums are populated automatically by images that match the album’s criteria. Capture One Express comes with a selection of Smart Albums that are already set up in the library. You can also create your own Smart Albums.

Search and filter
Search and Filter makes it easy to find, sort and organize images from a selected collection in a folder, session folders, album, or smart album. Resulting images are displayed as thumbnails in the image browser.

Advanced file naming
Capture One Express provides a powerful renaming tool that enables you to create customized, token-based naming systems with ease. Choose your own combination of text and tokens to create your own naming system and use it on an individual photograph or a group of images. Save your naming selection as a preset for future use to ensure image naming consistency.

Focus tool
Get an instant, true view of image sharpness with the Focus tool. Use it as a part of your fixed tool tab or drag it out as a floating window tool.

Organize and select

Capture One Express’ Loupe Tool is a powerful magnifier that lets you zoom into an image from 25% to 400%. It can be used to quickly check focus or view close-up details of a selected image or any thumbnail in the image browser.

Variants permit you to create virtual copies of your original image without taking up more than a few kilobytes of hard-drive space. Experiment with different settings or modify the work you have done on an image without risk.

Rating and color tagging
It is quick and easy to rate and color tag images to assist your selection and editing process. Ratings can be applied instantly (on screen or via keyboard shortcuts) from 1 to 5 stars. Color tags can add another dimension and can be used together with a Rating, or as an alternative on its own.

Here’s a Few Capture One Express 6 Video Tutorials to Help Get You Going if You Decided to Try It!!


Please feel free to ask questions if you have any!!



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  1. I beg to differ.

    Had got a free complimentary licence from PhaseOne for COne Express 6 and had been using for a year or so. After trying LR4 I just dumped COne Express and bought LR4. I could recover with LR4 many a photo that I thought lost either under exposed or over exposed . This was not possible in COne Express. No doubt it is good programme but I prefer LR4 due to finer controls possible. COne 6 atleat did not support all of Fuji X series RAW. LR4 is cheaper too.

    Perhaps COne Pro 7 is bettered now than 6.

    One thing, the support from PhaseOne is great.

    • Jay

      Thanks for the info and sharing your experience Subramoniam!! It’s seems to be hit or miss for me depend on the raw file I start with. I agree that I seem to like what Lightroom does better overall, but some files do seem to look better in this program.

  2. M Colyer

    Been using Capture One Express 6 for several days. Its got a long way to go before it matches Lightroom 4. It is short of a number of tools i.e. for lens correction and perspective correction to name a few where as LR4 has it all for a price of ca £100. With Capture One you would have to upgrade to the Pro 7 version to gain any of these and that would be at a cost of another £200!!!. Not cost effective. The only other things the Pro7 offers are to do with file handling and these are of no interest to me as RAW conversion is my main objective.

  3. Thank you for sharing the download link. My friend also told me about this software, I need to try it.

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