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August 5, 2013

New Camera Gear on the Way and Killer New Website –

Hi everybody it’s Monday and I have some exciting new Camera gear coming to the lab including the Samsung NX300! It needs to be reviewed after doing significant reading and re-search this past week. I also plan on getting the Zeiss Touit E-Mount 35mm f/1.8 Lens which I will test on my Nex-6. I may get a few other things, but I don’t want to say unless it actually happens 😉

Moving on to the much more important and major news; I have been working like crazy on a new website: It’s a project I started a while back and is a very time consuming endeavor to say the least. However, I have seen the light, and got the passion back to take this challenge on full force!


So what is about??

Well, exactly that! All “Your” reviews! Not being 100% literal of course, I mean all the best high quality camera reviews on the web!

Why would I want to do this you might wonder?

Well, I have learned a lot over the past few years doing reviews and I think having a vast knowledge base of all the current cameras is a very valuable asset to have. Basically I find and read all the quality reviews on a given camera, and then digest the information using my experience as a Pro Photographer and Camera Reviewer. I can then rate the camera, not based off an average using math, but real world common sense evaluation and consideration based on all cameras in the class. In other words, instead of all the cameras rating 4 stars and not knowing which is really the best and why? This site will help solve that problem for you and give you all the tools needed to get the job done.

All the links to the best camera reviews on the web will be there, so you can see them for yourself. All the camera information such as specs, body shots, features are also there for your convenience. Have you ever tried to find the best reviews on a camera? It’s hard, because google only shows you the most popular, and not necessary the best. Well, I found a lot of awesome review sites and depending on the camera manufacture they vary significantly. for example does not come up when you do a google search for specific camera’s. Why is this? Well, it cost money to get ranked on Google and/or you have to get linked by several major websites. I don’t have money to may SEO people or even an editor for that matter, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Screw google and there playing favorites 😉 I will find the best reviews, with your help of course, and post them all with the credit the source deserves. I’m not going to steal the best content from each review and share it either like some other sites like to do. I really think this AYCR website has potential as discussed here. I could be wrong, but it’s it seems like a perfect place for anybody looking to buy a camera and seeking out all the best information available for it.


Why does this matter to you??

Well, if your a fan of I think you will really enjoy watching and fallowing AllYourCameraReviews as it grows over then next few months. Your support is greatly appreciated, so sharing some links with your friends would be awesome. How about sharing the latest Sony DSC-RX100M2 reviews page with your friends (Click Here)??  It’s clearly going to take time to get all the cameras loaded, I’m no fool, but it will pay off in the end. I have enough cameras up now that the features for comparing and categorizing are starting to work and it’s pretty awesome I think.

You know what I learned over the past week studying all these different cameras?? Sony has some work to do!! Samsung is seriously no joke, Panasonic has some incredible new camera technology and gear, and Olympus has some insane features that Sony must be drooling over. Fuji is also a major player with not only the cameras, but sensor technology! Sony has killer sensors and camera technology, but Samsung is really nipping at the heals with Hybrid AF sensors, top quality mirrorless cameras with features that work really well. Sony is not the only game in town as we all know, but I honestly did not realize how awesome some of the other cameras where.

This new website is a good thing on all fronts I feel, although I can see why you might be concerned about taking a back seat. Have no fear, I will continue SAL just the same, reviewing Sony Cameras as my top priority, but I will be much more knowledgeable about the competition and specifics. I think this is great, because I get so many questions about which camera should I get etc.. I will now be able to answer with a much more educated reply as it relates to the entire camera database out there. I will also start reviewing a few more cameras now and then for not only the fun of it, but to show you up close what the competition is up to as it relates to cameras and technology.

Please, check out and let me know if you have a particular camera that you would like added ASAP. I have no problem doing that, because as it stands now I am adding cameras that interest me first, and are currently hot in the market.

Another advantage to the AYCR website is I can post links to camera deals and stuff without having to clutter up SAL with it. I don’t care for the way all the rebates and deal articles look on the main page, so I will limit that info on SAL and post all of it on AYCR. It makes sense to post it over their, and keep this website more focused on killer content like reviews, tutorials, and photography 😉


New Camera and Lens Reviews

As I stated above, I’m hoping to get the Samsung NX300 and a few lenses, plus the Zeiss Touit 35mm f/1.8 E-Mount lens which I will review using my Nex-6.

The Samsung NX300 is a really powerful mirrorless camera that challenges Sony on several fronts. It has slightly more resolution at 20.3mp, has better build quality than the Nex-5r, and possible Nex-6, and has a feature set that holds up. Check out all the current quality Samsung NX300 Reviews Here @, and stay tuned for my highly detailed hands-on review coming soon here on SAL 😉

I answered all the recent comments, but please feel free to ask questions about the new website venture, or whatever else you might have!


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