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June 21, 2013

Latest Sony News, Rumors, Deals, Rebates, and More…


We have some exciting Sony News, Rumors, Deals and Rebates for the end of the week that you must check out!

Starting with Sony News and Rumors, we have the new Mirrorless A-Mount Cameras coming out in early 2014. A high end model and a mid-grade model will be release most likely which makes sense to me. I’m personally interested in the high end model for a possible replacement to my Canon 5d Mark II. My guess is they will have next generation hybrid sensors ranging from 36mp – 50mp. Moving on to other incredible innovation, we have news that Olympus has teamed up with Sony to help design a new image sensor ant-shake technology that will allow for 5-axis compensation! Similar to the OM-D, except the Sony’s are full frame sized sensors, and not the tiny micro 4/3rds found in the Olympus.


So, we have two new A-Mount cameras coming (full frame and aps-c) with high mega-pixel sensors (36mp-50mp), 5-axis image stabilization, Standard Hot Shoe, Wi-Fi, GPS, Large Articulating screen, Next Gen OLED Viewfinder, Dual memory card slots, and Pro grade build quality.

Poll – Your Opinion ??

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More Cyber-shot RX-series Rumors

Courtesy of SonyAlphaRumors we have rumors that a new RX1 is coming out, but it’s identical to the previous model except the Anti-Aliasing filter has been removed. So the images should be even sharper most likely, and it will be more expensive.

Sony is also coming out with a RX100 Mark II! It will will have an articulating lcd screen and a standard hot shoe added. This is a really sensible and smart upgrade to one of the best point and shoot cameras ever made if you ask me. The only thing the RX100 was lacking was a articulating screen and Hot Shoe. Not just for flash, but for accessories like microphones, or video lights ect.. The RX100 is very powerful, so these features can absolutely be taken advantage of if you have the need. The articulating screen is a bigger deal to me personally, but the hot shoe is an attractive feature for sure.


Latest Sony Deals and Rebates..

Lots of deals going on that you need to take advantage of if your in the market for some Sony Photography gear!

Killer Deals and New Items


Sony Savings Page @ BHPhotoVideo

Check out the Sony June Savings Page @ BHPhoto >>


Sony Savings Page @ BHPhotoVideo


Sony Lens Guides


Find the Best Old School Lenses for your Sony Nex Camera System on Ebay


Closing Remarks

That is it for now, but stay tuned for my Sony E-Mount 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Power Zoom Lens Review that I’ll be working on this weekend! I also have new gear coming to the Lab, but I’m not 100% what yet. I requested the three New Sigma E-mount lenses, the new Zeiss Touit lenses, and the Full Frame DSC-RX1! Oh yeah, I figured it was time to put that full frame point and shoot to the test in the real world. I’ve seen enough sample photos to be convinced it’s an amazing camera, but is it really worth all that money?

After I review that stuff, I want to tackle the SLT-A99 and a few A-Mount lenses. It’s going to be a lot of work, but the A99 is the current flagship model and I really should have a review of it on SonyAlphaLab. Unless of course know-body cares about it? Any interest in seeing me review the SLT-A99?? If not I will find something else to review, don’t worry!

I will also get to all your comments and questions asap, for those waiting 😉

Thanks again for checking in and have a great weekend,


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  1. Sean Lancaster

    Yeah, I am using a Canon 6D, but not buy many lenses at the moment because I want to be able to switch back to Sony if they can wow me with a mirrorless FF next year. Fingers crossed.

    • Jay

      Thanks for the comments Sean! It looks like Sony is going to deliver something good this time, so my fingers are crossed as well. Worst case, I have some Canon L lenses you might be interested in if you decide to stay Canon?? I would love to sell them to somebody I knew rather than Ebay if possible.

      BTW, I have an RX1 coming to the Lab 😉


  2. I’m interested in seeing a review of the A99 on the Lab, and I think it’s appropriate to have the Sony flagship thoroughly tested on the #1 Sony review site.

    Good and surprising news about the RX100 MkII – I’ll have to update to that one definitely because I really need that hotshoe and articulating screen. Hotshoes are good for viewfinders as well as flashes and wireless controllers. I hope they put something for a remote in to it as well. That’s also sorely needed.

    • Jay

      Thanks Al for the comments and feedback 😉 It really would be nice to use a Pro Grade FF camera again for a month or so. I used my Canon 5d mark II the other day and was surprised at the huge size and weight, but loved the quality results!!

      I want to get the new Zeiss 50mm with it, and what else??


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