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May 21, 2012

It’s time to get some New Gear!! What would you like me to Review Most??

Well, I wrapped up the Sony A57 with the Hands on Review (Click Here), and now it’s time to get more gear to!! I’m very interested in hearing what you all would like to see the most. I know I have a pretty broad audience here, but I would like to review what you guys want as the highest priority. I have a poll below that narrows down the field a bit as far as lenses are concerned, but I would like to refine this further if possible. I also wanted to tell you I enjoy uses pretty much every type of lens, so if you want to through out a request in the comments section, by all means!!

I also wanted to thank all of you for sharing my articles with your friends on Google +, Facebook, and on the Forums. it really helps and the more comment we have here the better the site will be and become in m y opinion. And if you could please take just a few seconds and click a few answers below that peak your interest, I would Greatly appreciate it!!


[poll id=”17″]


Based on the few votes above I can still assume the majority of you are interested in budget friendly lenses. I’ll give this poll another day or two to make sure though, so please vote if you have not!! Sony Lens Guides this way with all the lenses organized by manufacturer for extremely easy viewing and navigating!! Sony Lens Guide Page >>, Sigma Page >>, Tamron Page >>

In the mean time,  which budget friendly lenses would you like to see reviewed most??

[poll id=”18″]


Which Lens Manufacture are you most interested in?

[poll id=”20″]

Primes or Zooms?

[poll id=”19″]



Now we have the New A37 DSLR style camera and Nex-F3 mirrorless style camera. I will review both, but I’m very curious which you would rather see first??

[poll id=”21″]



Nex Lens Adapters Guide >>

[poll id=”22″]


Closing Remarks

With so much lenses out their available for the Sony A-mount cameras in particular, it will be very helpful to review your selections!! Thanks again and if you have any lenses you would like to see specifically, please just add it to the comments below or shoot me an email 😉

I also updated the About Us Page with some updated info and photos of Layla and the Family if your interested. (Click Here)

Thanks again,


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  1. Hi Jay!
    I was wondering if you could do something on flashes. It seems really hard to find info on sony flashes. Maybe a good $100-$150 third party TTL flash, or even some manual ones.

    • Jay

      Hey Brett,

      That is a good call on the flash units and thanks for the suggestion!! I will see what I can do 😉

      I also have a Flash and lighting guide over here as well if you were not aware.

      Have a good nite, and thanks again!


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