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February 7, 2016

Huge Sony Savings on Tons of Gear!!

sony savings @ BHPhoto

I just got an email from Sony and they have huge savings on a ton of equipment on for photography in particular! It also looks like BHPhoto took over the retail sales for Sony in the US and possible elsewhere. The newsletter from Sony now links to BHphoto directly instead of Sony’s website which I found very interesting. I heard hints of this, but was not sure if it would actually happen.

Clearly BHphoto is the best and biggest photography gear distributor, so this move does make sense for Sony in that regard. If the retail side of things was to much logistically for Sony, then why not let the people that do it the best take over?

Makes sense to me and now Sony can perhaps focus more on making awesome cameras, and not have to worry about the logistics of selling the cameras in the US for example.

I think this is a good move for Sony, but ultimately time will tell. I’m not sure if all Sony users will like this change, but I have always purchased from BHPhoto when it came to serious gear, so I think it’s a great move!

Sony Savings Page @ BHPhoto (Click Here)


Huge Sony Savings – Gear Deals

Check out the long list of Sony Deals: 

sony savings @ BHPhoto

sony savings @ BHPhoto

sony savings @ BHPhoto

sony savings @ BHPhoto

sony savings @ BHPhoto


Closing Remarks

Well, if you are in the market for some gear, now is the time to check out the current deals @ BHphoto.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this BHPhoto Retail take over for Sony?? Do you think it’s a smart move?

I will catch up with you guys later and please have a great day,


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  1. Gabriel

    Just ordered the LA-EA3 for my soon arriving Tamron 70-200mm F2.8
    After that, I will try the 150-600mm vs my FD 300mm F2.8 with 2X adapter

    • Jay

      Awesome news Garbriel and thank you for telling us! I really look forward to your testing results and I think many people will appreciate that info for sure!

      Thanks again,

  2. steve

    interesting article……I hope they dont go that way in our part of the world as I like being able to hire lenses from the sony shop

  3. steve

    Jay, will BHP control more of the real world pricing ie.

    Will they be able to suggest with SOny that maybe the price on some things are a bit high ie. Tamron 300mm zoom article you just posted or will Sony still dictate these prices.

    Would be good to hear from BHP if you have contatcts there about how the relationship will work.

    • Jay

      Hi Steve, and no BHPhoto does not control the pricing for Sony. This is done exclusively by Sony and they say how much the gear costs retail, etc…

      BH took over the a lot of the retail sales for Sony in the USA and this is a really big deal for BHP. I’m happy this happened, because Sony was charging more and the customer service was fair from the best. BHP has amazing customer service and knowledgeable people on staff. They also except returns with no issues and offer a 30day money back guarantee on pretty much everything. So if you don’t like something, you can just send it back no problem, even if you used it! This is why I always make gear purchase from BH although not much the past several years admittedly… I still have the Nex-6 and original A7r 😉


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