Mirrorless Camera Testing

Sony Alpha A7s – High ISO Lab Testing and Sample Photos

Posted  July 8, 2014  by  Jay

I just received the latest installment of the full frame Sony Alpha A-series, which is known as the Sony A7s and I did some High ISO Testing! So, what sets the Sony A7s apart from the A7 and A7r is the new 12.2mp full frame processor! This lower pixel dense sensor allows for the individual […]

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Camera News

Sony A7s – Now In Stock, Plus New Reviews and RX10 Killer?

Posted  July 2, 2014  by  Jay

The New Full Frame E-Mount Sony Alpha A7s is now In Stock @ BHphoto | Amazon | Adorama The new Sony A7s is also on the way to the Lab, so I will test it out in great detail Requests welcomed if you want me to try something in particularity, just let me know asap! […]

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Sony A6000 w/ 18-105mm f/4 OSS G Lens (selp18105g)
Zoom Lenses

Sony PZ 18-105mm f4 OSS G lens Review – SELP18105G

Posted  July 1, 2014  by  Jay

In this Sony lens review I will be going over the all-in-one E-Mount PZ 18-105mm f/4 OSS G lens which is designed for the APS-C sensor sized cameras like the A6000 for example. I have lots of sample video, photos, and real world experience to share with you so strap in for this highly detailed […]

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Sony a7 vertical battery grip review
Battery Grip

Sony A7 Vertical Battery Grip Review – VG-C1EM – for A7, A7r, and A7s

Posted  June 25, 2014  by  Jay

The Sony Vertical battery grip (VG-C1EM) for the full frame Sony A7, A7r, and A7s really helps a lot if you need more battery life, or shoot vertical for extended periods of time. In addition to that, when using larger lenses the battery grip really helps with extra leverage, as you will see in a […]

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Discounts, Rebates, and Deals News

Website News, New Gear, Reviews, Latest Sony Deals, and More…

Posted  June 21, 2014  by  Jay

Hi everybody and thank you very much for checking in to on such a lovely Saturday I’m home with Layla today and we are going to ride some bikes and fly my new Quadcopter! Oh yeah, I finally broke down and purchased the DJI Phantom FC40 Quadcopter with FPV Camera and Transmitter, after doing […]

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Sony A6000 Review
Mirrorless Camera Reviews

Sony Alpha A6000 Review – Best Mirrorless Camera 2014

Posted  June 11, 2014  by  Jay

In this Sony Alpha A6000 Review I will go over all the details you need to know using multiples lenses, real world and lab sample photos, video, and much more…  I really went in depth with the A6000 because the new 24mp sensor and fast hybrid auto focus needed a thorough testing after all the […]

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Mirrorless Camera Testing

New Sony A6000 vs My Nex-6 – Real World And Lab Testing!

Posted  June 4, 2014  by  Jay

So I really went to work this past weekend comparing the new Sony A6000 vs my Nex-6, which is now the old model, and on sale @ amazon for only $519 (Click Here) I compared image quality in the real world and Lab, did some focus testing, and created a cool illustration which shows both cameras head […]

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Accessory Reviews

The Impact Quickbox (24 x 24) kit Review – Portable Softbox

Posted  June 3, 2014  by  Monico

Today I’m going to share my thoughts on one of the most popular light modification choices for beginning portrait photographers. It’s made by Impact and it’s called a quickbox softbox kit (24” x 24”). For under $150 it includes everything you’ll need (except a camera, lens, flash and flash triggering system) and it was recently […]

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Sony A6000 and Minolta MC 50mm f/1.4 Rokkor-X Lens
Accessory Testing

Sony A6000 using Lens Adapters, and AF Speed Test!

Posted  May 28, 2014  by  Jay

For the past few days I’ve been packing the Sony A6000 and the Metabones III electronic lens adapter along with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS Lens plus the Minolta MC 50mm f/1.4 Rokkor -X lens. Both work really well and I wanted to show you a few sample photos so you can see […]

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Lens Testing

Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens – Sample Video and Lens Testing w/ A6000

Posted  May 25, 2014  by  Jay

In this article I will show lots of sample video using the Sony E-Mount 18-105mm f/4 OSS Powerzoom lens. I used the new e-mount Sony alpha A6000 for all the filming and audio as well. Starting with some around the house footage of Layla, then moving on to some real world zoom and transition testing. […]

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Sony A6000 and SELP18105g First Look, Plus RX100 III Breakdown - HD Video!
Camera Previews

Sony A6000 and SELP18105g First Look, Plus RX100 III Breakdown – HD Video!

Posted  May 20, 2014  by  Jay

In this quick article I will introduce an HD Video where I show you Hands-on first look of the Sony A6000 and selp18105g lens. Then I will go directly into breaking down the most amazing point and shoot pocket sized camera ever made, the Sony RX100 III The video is only a few minutes long, […]

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