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September 19, 2012

Hasselblad Partners with Sony and is making E-Mount, and A-Mount Cameras??

That is correct, Hasselblad just announced a beast of a mirroless camera called the Lunar, and it sports a Sony E-Mount for the lenses!! That means more super high quality E-Mount glass is on the way for sure!! Hasselblad, if your not familier, is one of the best cameras you can buy in the world as far as quality goes. They offer super high mega-pixel medium format bodies for creating stuff like billboards and other commercial uses. They are so expensive, that you really need to crazy successful or just loaded in order to justify owning one in my opinion. Check them out over here on BHPhotoVideo if your curious about the current H line. Hasselblaud at BHPhotovideo>>

Moving on to the actual press release, Hasselblad official launched the Lunar, which is basically a super high quality mirrorless camera packing the 24mp sensor from the Nex-7, and the Sony E-Mount. It really looks like a top quality design, and the 5000 Euro price tag seems fitting.  It also has a built in viewfinder like the Nex-6 and a Ferrari like design.

Using materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, wood, leather, and even gold is a sign that no expense was spared on this camera, and it borders on ridiculous if it has Gold no??

Here are the first key features:

  • DSLR performance with 24.3 MP APS-C image sensor
  • 3 “OLED display and OLED EVF
  • Full HD video with auto or full manual control
  • Low shutter lag of 0.02 seconds
  • 10 frames / second
  • ISO range from ISO 100-16000
  • CAR HD and DRO
  • Innovative TriNavi system
  • Anti-dust system for sensor cleaning
  • two flash options

Haaselblad Lunar Pics:


Official Press Re-lease:

Hasselblad plans to launch the Lunar

Hasselblad, makers of the world’s most advanced medium format camera system, has announced a revolutionary plan: The introduction of the most modern mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens – the “ultimate luxury” in italienschem design – early next year.

This Luca Alessandrini, New Business Development Manager at Hasselblad: “The Lunar reflects the passion of the founder Victor Hasselblad, which he had for photography. We developed this model in the traditional way, as we have used handmade prototypes from wood to ensure the highest ergonomics and functionality. This camera is for both serious photographers and enthusiasts likely to appreciate it, to shoot their photos with a Hasselblad. “

He added: “The Lunar, which can both fully automatic and completely be operated manually, is designed to be easily deployed and can be versatile, and has won on all the advanced technological elements of a top-level DSLR. For the first time, a camera on the market that combines the traditional Hasselblad-art imaging system with sensational Italian design features.
And for the first time we use carbon fiber, titanium, wood, leather and precious metals on (even gold). The camera even offers an unprecedented grip ergonomics and is designed to accommodate both lenses with compact E-connection as well as those with the larger pro-fessional O port. “

The Lunar is the first quarter of 2013, at a price of about 5,000 euros on the market and is offered in a range of standard models and also available with a number of exclusive handles and made of precious materials.

Hasselblad will present a unique “Lunar experience” at photokina. Visitors to the stand (Hall 2.1 Stand A-021/B-020) will see a “snapshot” of the latest work in progress designs and wood models that have been specially built for the purpose of the pioneering vision of a camera in the style of “ideal luxury” demonstrate.

Dr. Larry Hansen, chairman and CEO of Hasselblad commented: “It has always been my aim to give all fans of the brand icon Hasselblad the opportunity to own one of our cameras. The company’s mission is to develop exceptional products at the very top of our market segment. In 1962, the American astronaut Walter Schirra with the first Hasselblad camera into space. He had painted the metal surface of the 500C black to minimize reflections. At this event today, 50 years later to celebrate, we have developed the Lunar -. An aesthetic and ergonomic piece of art with color camera options and a reminiscent of earlier times retro look for photography lovers down here on planet earth “

Some of the key features of Lunar:

  • Performance like a DSLR, thanks to the latest focusing on APS-C 24.3 MP sensor with 25 AF points, which is equivalent to an ultra-fast processor with real-time image processing, and a detailed implementation of RAW to JPEG
  • ensures accurate image composition for both still images and video recordings in all lighting conditions thanks to the ultra-bright, high-resolution 3 “displays and the revolu-tionary OLED viewfinder, the highest contrast and extremely fast response times
  • Full HD video recording at your fingertips, both in car and in full manual mode, to use control of focus, presentation and connection for an external microphone and ability to a larger lens with O connector for professional video
  • immediate response of the closure (0.02 second shutter lag), ten frames per second and an extremely wide ISO range from 100 to 16,000
  • The camera software includes very comprehensive material of creative Stilrichtun-tions, image effects and ambient selections and a “smart face recognition,” with the recording experience more fun
  • Auto HD, DRO and anti-Verwacklungsmodus
  • TriNavi an innovative system for settings like a DSLR, two flash options as well as an anti-dust system complete the most up-to-Lunar package

Dr. Hansen added: “This new model is the result of the most thorough technical research – an unprecedented camera, illustrating the mission of Hasselblad towards the highest quality in all our products.

For more information, please visit:


Closing Remarks

This is fantastic news for Sony in my opinion as Hasselblad chose them to go with instead of all the other competition? Why do you think that is?? I believe it’s because Sony is the clear leader when it comes to camera innovation, sensor technology, and design. I really look forward to seeing what lenses are going to come out with this camera, as it most likely be Zeiss glass of some sort. Hasselblad outsources to Zeiss as does Sony for high quality optics and lens building that is arguable the best in the world!!

I would never buy something like this, but it really does look awesome, and the technology will trickle down. Also the attention being brought to the E-Mount is  awesome for us Nex fans, as the more lenses the merrier I say, as long as they are quality mind you!



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  1. OMFG WHAT?!?!?! Who the hell dreamed this up?! And it’s real? o_O

    • Jay

      I know it’s insane!! A Nex-7 with basically the best body money can buy. Milled aluminum chassis and super precision controls are expensive. Just look at how much better built a high end automobile is for example. The hinges, windows, seats, cup holders, etc.. are way nicer. This is why I can see people paying a lot more for something like this. Similar to a really nice watch.
      However, it needs to offer more than what the Nex-7 can do?? They should have added some ridiculous software, or hardware that helps justify this camera in my opinion. It’s like the exact same specs and software features?? What the heck are they thinking??

  2. fireball

    “if *your* not *familier*” ?????

    What sort of blog are you running here? Seriously?

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