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October 20, 2011

Google+ Dailey Theme List, Photo Themes, Contests

Courtesy of Eric’s Landscape Photography here is the current list of Google + Daily Themes if you want to play with the rest of us Photographers and/or enthusiasts!! I guarantee you will see some of the most amazing photography you have ever seen if you click a few of these themes and scroll through. I continue to reference this list constantly so I decided to the current list as of today thanks to Eric.

Be sure to check out all the people that started these great themes as they are amazing photographers from all over the world!!


  • Selfy Sunday: Share a photo you took of yourself.
    Curators are Jeff Smith and Levi Moore. Bi-weekly by announcement. FAQ
  • Sacred Sunday: Share photos of churches, cathedrals, religious subjects or anything that is sacred to you.
    Curator is Charles Lupica and Sumit Sen. Planed weekly. Use #SacredSunday tag in your post.
  • Iconic Family Photo:  Share a photo that defines your family. Not so much on photographic quality, but one that is important to your family. Please accompany a description telling us why it’s iconic.
    Curated by Ed Dombrowski. Planned weekly. Use #IconicFamilyPhoto  in your post.
  • Selfless Sunday: Share a photo from another photographer giving them full credit and all the love.
    Curated by Jeffrey Sullivan. Planned weekly. Use #SelflessSunday tag in your post.
  • Desert Sand Day: Share a photo with a sandy desert as the subject.
    Curated by Tuan Le. Planned weekly. Use #DesertSandDay tag in your post.
  • Sky Sunday:  Share a photo where the sky or severe weather is the subject.
    Curated by Simone Linke and Matt Soave. Planned weekly. Use #SkySunday tag in your post.
  • Steamy Sunday: Share an image where steam is the subject. Everything from steam engines to the steam that rises from your kettles.
    Curated by Paul Pavlinovich. Planned weekly. Tag #SteamySunday
  • Straight out of Camera (SOOC) Sunday: Share an image that has zero post processing. You are allowed to crop and resize the images only.
    Curated by John Kosmopoulos. Planned weekly. Tag with #SOOCSunday.


  • Mountain Monday: Share a photo with mountains.
    Curator Michael Russell. Planned weekly. Use #MountainMonday tag in your post.
  • Macro Monday: Share a macro photograph.
    Curators are Kerry MurphyJennifer Eden, and Kelli Seeger Kim. Planned weekly. Use #MacroMonday tag in your post.
  • Monochrome Monday: Share a photo presented in Black & White.
    Curator is Siddharth Pandit. Planned weekly. Use #MonochromeMonday 
  • Ministract Monday:  Ministract \?mi-n?-?strakt\ – Of or pertaining to that which might be minimal, might be abstract or might even be both. Curator is Tom McLaughlan. Planned weekly. Use #MinistractMonday tag in your post.
  • Military Monday: Share a photo where the military is the subject.
    Curated by Joe Kaiser. Planned weekly. Use #MilitaryMonday tag in your post.
  • Action Monday: Share an action sports photo.
    Curated by Adrian Buturca. Planned Weekly. Use #ActionMonday tag in your post.
  • Moody Monday: Share a photo that has a dark, moody and bleak feel.
    Curated by Philip Daly. Planned weekly. Use #MoodyMonday tag in your post.
  • Mirror Monday: Share a photo where a reflection is the subject.
    Curated by Catherine Vibert & Jonny Scholes. Planned weekly. Use #MirrorMonday tag in your post.
  • Moonrise Monday: Share a photo of a true moonrise which usually occurs the evening before the full moon. It will usually rise just after sunset when there is still that magical light. It only happens 12 times a year. Check out the moon calendar. Curated by Stephen Krieg. This is planned to run every Monday following the full moon. Tag #MoonriseMonday


  • My Town Tuesday: Share a photo taken locally. No wider than your county.
    Curators Melanie Kintz and Eric Leslie (me). Planned weekly. Use #MyTownTuesday tag in your post.
  • Tree Tuesday: Share a photo where a tree is the subject.
    Curator is Christina Lawrie. Planned weekly. Use #TreeTuesday tag in your post.
  • Tone-map HDR Tuesday: Share a photo that is processed as an HDR.
    Curator are Drew Pion and Stephanie Suratos. Planned weekly. Use #TonemapHDRTuesday tag in your post.
  • T-shirt Tuesday: Share a photo of people with interesting t-shirts.
    Curator is Harald Walker. Planned weekly. Use  #TshirtTuesday tag in your posts.
  • Tuesday Decay: Share a photo centered around abandoned or forgotten architecture, engineering, infrastructure, etc.
    Curated by Ian Ference. Planned weekly. Use #TuesDecay tag in your post.
  • Today Tuesday: Share a photo that was taken TODAY.
    Curated by Brian White. Planned weekly. Use #TodayTuesday tag in your post.
  • Portrait Tuesday: Share any form of portraiture using natural and stobist light sources.
    Curated by Laura Balc. Planned weekly. Use #PortraitTuesday tag in your post.
  • Toy Tuesday: Share a photo with a toy as the subject.
    Curated by Lars Pixel Clausen. Planned weekly. Use #ToyTuesday tag in your post.
  • Archi-Texture: Share a photo where architecture is the subject, with an emphasis on finding the right balance in the structure’s texture. Curated by Ranjan Saraswati. Planned weekly. Use #ArchiTexture tag in your post.
  • Transport Tuesday: Share a photo that features all forms of transportation except 4-wheeled ones.
    Curated by Gene Bowker. Planned weekly. Tag #TransportTuesday




  • Fall Friday: Share a photo showing off Autumn’s colors.
    Curators are Karin Nelson and Alexander S. Kunz. Planned weekly during Fall months. Use #FallFriday tag in your post.
  • Floral Friday: Share a photo where flowers are the subject.
    Curator is Tamara Pruessner. Planned weekly. Use #FloralFriday tag in your post.
  • Food Friday: ”Watch what you eat” and share a photo where food is the subject.
    Curators are Karin Nelson and Charles Lupica. Planned weekly. Use #FoodFriday tag in your post.
  • Four-wheeled Friday: Share:  All things vehicle related, cars, bikes, motorcycles and unicycles.
    Curator is Matthew Costabile. Use #FourWheeledFriday in post.
  • Film Friday: Share a photo shot on film. Please share information about what camera, film and developing were used.
    Curated by Richard Call. Planned Weekly. Use #FilmFriday tag in your post.
  • Fungus Friday: Share a photo of any variety of fungi.
    Curated by Chris Sullivan. Planned every LAST Friday of the month. Use #FugusFriday tag in your post.
  • Frightening Friday: Share an image that captures an element of fear, danger or drama.
    Curated by Alexis Coram. Planned Bi-weekly. Use #FrighteningFriday tag in your posts.
  • Fire Friday:  Anything fire goes-from a wildfire, to a tip of a match shot macro, to even smoke from a fire, fire houses, fire hydrants and fire hoses. Fire People! Curated by Grayson Hartman. Planned weekly. Tag #FireFriday
  • Fido Friday: Share a photo featuring man’s best friend, the dog.
    Curated by Shane Raynard and Wes Lum. Planned weekly. Tag #FidoFriday 


  • Sepia Saturday: Share a photo processing in sepia.
    Curator is Renee Stewart Jackson. Planned weekly. Use #SepiaSaturday tag in your post.
  • Sunset Saturday: Share a shot where the sunset/rise is the subject.
    Curator is TJ Kelly. Planned weekly. Use #SunsetSaturday tag in your post.
  • SpeedySaturday: Share a photo taken with a fast shutter speed to freeze fast motion.
    Curator is Patricia Paton. Planned weekly. Use #SpeedySaturday tag in your post.
  • Street Saturday: Share a photo taken on the street.
    Curated by Siddharth Pandit. Planned weekly. Use #StreetSaturday tag in your post.
  • Saturday Night Light: Share a photo taken at night. Any subject with artificial light,  indoors or outdoors. No Sunlight.
    Curated by Dirk Heindoerfer. Planned weekly. Use #SaturdayNightLight tag in your post.
  • Paint it Saturday: Share a photo that has been processed to look like a painting use any variety of techniques.
    Curated by Tif Holmes. Planned weekly. Use #PaintItSaturday tag in your post.
  • Caturday: Share a photo of a cat.
    Curated by Christophe Friedli. Planned weekly. Tag #Caturday
  • Songbird Saturday: Share a photo of any kind of bird.
    Curated by John Briggs. Planned weekly. Tag #SongbirdSaturday.
  • Rolling Shutter Saturday: Share a photo using the rolling shutter technique. Example.
    Curated by Benno Dielmann. Starts 10/15, and then runs by announcement once a month. Tag #RollingShutterSaturday.

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