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December 14, 2012

Full Frame Mirrorless Sony Nex Camera is Coming!!

full frame nex camera

It seems clear to me that a Full Frame Sony Nex Camera is coming down the pipe for sure. How do I know this?? Well, we have a couple of clues from Sony themselves, but it seems like the tide is headed in that direction anyway. Everybody I talk that has a Sony Nex says they would consider a full frame mirrorless camera!!

In fact, If your new to SonyAlphaLab, I started designing a full frame mirrorless camera a few months back and wrote an article about it called: The Ultimate Mirrorless Full Frame Camera >> Check it out when you get a minute and please consider adding feedback in the comments area, because I’m secretly hoping Sony will consider using some of the ideas.

I’m pretty sure the Sony camera engineers have better things to do than read an English website on Sony Cameras in there spare time, but you never know!! One item that is a must in my opinion is a larger battery!!


Full Frame Sony Nex-VG900

First we have the Sony Nex -VG900 which is aΒ Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camcorder, and has the E-mount. This seems odd right?? Why put a full frame sensor on a camcorder with an E-Mount if there are no full frame E-Mount lenses available??

Full Frame Sony Nex Camera

Sony Nex-VG900


How about having the best of both worlds?? This set-up gives the user the ability to use Full Frame A-Mount Lenses with the LA-EA3 lens adapter, and use the much less expensive E-Mount lenses in a crop factor format for versatility, higher frame rates, smaller file sizes, and convenience. That is until Sony comes out with a Full Frame E-Mount lens, which leads me to my next point πŸ˜‰

Full Frame Nex Camera

Sony NEx-VG900 w/ LA-EA3 Lens Adapter


Full Frame Sony DSC-RX1

The Sony DSC-Rx1, which looks to be an amazing camera from all the sample photos I’ve seen, but more importantly the sensor to lens flange distance looks to be almost the same as the Nex E-Mount 18mm!! Check it out from the side below and you will see what I mean.

Sony DSC-RX1

Sony DSC-RX1


So What Next?

Sony has to come out with a Full frame mirrorless camera at some point as well as full frame e-mount lenses. It is enevitable that the market wants it, and the technology and engineers are working in that direction.

New Full Frame Nex Potential Specs

How about aΒ wish list with something along the lines of this?

  • Full Frame E-Mount
  • PDAF/CDAF Hybrid AF on Sensor (larger PDAF sensors than current Nex-6 sensor design)
  • Larger Battery – The A99 batter please – (NP-FM500H) or next generation design
  • Larger Nex-6 style Grip to Accommodate the larger battery
  • Dual Memory Card Slots
  • Built in EVF with disable option
  • Next Gen Articulating Screen-Β  Full Articulation, higher res, (WRGB) – Low Power mode
  • Pro Oriented Tri-Navi Dials and Menu system – Next gen refined Nex-7 design perhaps
  • wi-fi and gps
  • standard multi-purpose hot shoe like the Nex-6
  • Laptop Tethering support!!
  • Audio in for quality hot shoe mic’s
  • Awesome HD Video, but not a Nex-VG900 replacement
  • Weather sealing?? Big Money!
  • Diesel tri-pod mount point

So what do you think??

[poll id=”26″]

Closing Remarks:

I’m really curious and excited about the future Sony cameras coming are way, but I must say a Full Frame Sony Nex Camera is on my wish list for 2013!!!

For now I’m all set with the Sony Nex-6, the current E-Mount lens line and using lenses adapters with other lenses. I only wish I wasn’t so darn busy at work this week so I could actually be using it here and there. I have Cisco training at work this week and I’m trapped inside all day in a chair. It’s awful, but great training I must admit. If your curious, were actually learning about virtual tunnels over Ethernet links for cell tower back haul purposes. The Phone company I work for prides fiber optic drops to cell towers all over the area, so we need to know how to fix the equipment if it breaks and upgrade/ maintain it ect..Β  Pretty cool to be honest, but hard on the brain I must tell you πŸ˜‰

New E-Mount Lenses in the Lab!

On another note I just received fromΒ  a mint condition 18-55mm E-Mount lens and a 16mm Pancake Lens, courtesy of a SAL reader πŸ™‚ Oh yeah!! I’m really happy to have these two lenses and will be taking sample raw and jpeg images like crazy starting tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend and looking forward to your input on the future of Sony Alpha and Nex Cameras!!


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  1. They have to dramatically improve the capabilities of the video mode, the vg900 is completely crushed by the competition in the same price range, 5dmark III, blackmagic Cinema camera and even the much cheaper Panasonic GH2 and 3.
    For me this was a deal breaker on nex7 vs GH2 and will continue to be so in a full frame NEX.

    • Jay

      Hello Bruno,

      Thanks for the comments and input!!

      Completely crushed? I honestly did not know that. Why specifically if you don’t mind?


  2. On man can’t wait for a full frame NEX I love my NEX7 but full frame with better hi ISO noise performance would be a dream the only thing I dont like is you keep saying “full frame E mount lenses” noooooooooo you telling me I will have to replace the emount lenses I just spent a fortune on arghhhhhhhh.

    Like the spec you put together I could live without the wifi but its good for me in all other respects.

    • Jay

      Hi Milo42,

      Thanks for the comments πŸ™‚

      Don’t forget the standard E-Mount lenses will work fine, just in a Crop Factor Mode. New Full Frame E-mount lenses or A-Mount Full frame lenses can be used!!


  3. Jay, these are exciting times for us Sony NEX lovers, no doubt! A full frame sensor in a NEX body could be a dream camera. The RX1 is such an exciting camera but it has no EVF and a fixed lens which makes it more of a specialty item (an EXPENSIVE specialty item) for most.
    I really think Sony needs to get “somewhere” with these NEX cameras, though. Already there are 3 different flash mounts, so adding yet “another” lens type/mount will only confuse the issue further.
    Even with all of these caveats, I would most likely be a the front of the line to buy one of these babies! πŸ™‚

    • tokyojerry

      Hi Mike. I agree with your statement. Aside from price, those were the exact two issues I also have with the RX-1. No EVF, which I regard as essential for video when tracking and a fixed lens (= lack of versatility). Had those two items been incorporated into the RX-1, it might of been a serious a contender.

      Price is the other issue. All the makers are trying to make out the full frame sensor to be some sort of ‘holy grail’ of cameras. The fact of the matter is, we all had so called, ‘full frame’ cameras for the longest time in the form of 35mm film cameras. They were surely a lot more compact most often then today’s monstrous and heavy DSLRs, DSLTs.

      Here’s hoping the NEX Sony full frame will come to fruition (it will) and sooner then later. And also, Sony does not go overboard with gouging consumer pocket books with over priced equipment.

  4. Gerard

    I’ve read much hype and hope, but I am not privy to the actual sales numbers… quantity and to which countries but for it’s size I’d say that the Sony cameras of late are not designed with Me in mind. What I do know is that I am a 6’4″ multi-craft industrial mechanic with hands that match. I have the SLT A-57 but I cry out for a larger body. I’ve held several of the NEXs and just cannot keep a hold on them. I do like and appreciate the technology of the mirrorless systems, but at any price I could not use one without much disdain. Since You are prone to indulge in design, design a larger body for the innards of the A57 and the NEXs… or an external retrofit. Just an idea for Ya!

    • Jay


      Thanks for the comments and I understand what you mean completely. My Prototype design has a real DSLR Scale grip similar to the A99 as the battery compartment is designed for the larger A99 battery. I agree this would be great for heavier full frame lenses and larger handed people. It also makes sense to be heavier and overall bigger having the full frame sensor. Sony does like to make cameras small though πŸ˜‰

      Thanks again for the comments and ideas!


  5. tokyojerry

    Hi Jay:

    I posted this comment at Sony Alpha Rumors a while back, and, after reading your article here, thought it might be appropriate to also post it here as well FYI…..

    A few days ago, I visited one of the major electronic chain store operations I visit regularly in Tokyo. On this occasion I had an opportunity to talk with a Sony representative in the store. Two items of interest I asked about to which he answered:

    1. NEX Full frame.
    I asked him about when can I expect to see the Sony full frame NEX appear on the market. (I asked in such a way displaying a degree of confidence as if I already had some sort of insight on this happening). He commented that it will still be about a year or two still before that happens. So, that implies something will happen. It seems that development will still be pretty much ASP-C for the short-term Sony roadmap in 2013. Perhaps by the end of 2013, we can start seeing things happening in this direction. Are Sony full frame NEX cameras forthcoming? Probably yes. Are they going to come any time soon? Probably not. So, patient is a virtue. I say to be content with APS-C for the interim. (I own a NEX-6 and am very happy with it.) And besides, APS-C is far better by a factor of 9x to 16x in terms of sensor size, then the little tiny sensor-equipped mom-and-pop type P&S cameras. From P&S sensors to APS-C is s big jump. From APS-C to full frame, is not so spectular. Many try to make full frame as some sort of holy grail that you should pay big money for. Well, for now, the APS-C is the best cost performance until full frame becomes more of a common denominator. Eventually, full frame will get to where APS-C is in cost performance. Then, once that happens, people will begin to look anew towards medium format as the new holy grail. It’s all relative. Fact of the matter is, both of these format sizes easily existed from long time ago in the film era. If some one really wants a full frame (or even a medium format) now on the cheap…. purchase an older,used film based camera. I still have two from the past:
    1. Minolta SRT-101 58mm, f1.4. I purchased this at on base at a military PX in South VietNam during the war.
    2. Minolta Alpha 303Si with Sigma 70-300mm in working condition, which is newer.

    But frankly, I don’t like to carry around bulk, size, and weight when I go on a trip or to event. If photography, videography becomes a chore, it’s no longer fun. Thus, I really enjoy the compactness, lightweightness and technology baked into the NEX-6 as it’s bigger bretheren. In fact, I just sold my Sony Alpha A65 on auction last night.

    One more point the Sony rep mentioned to me. A word on the lenses….

    2. Tamron and Sony lenses:
    I inquired to the rep, which is the better to go with, Tamron or Sony for the 18-200mm telephoto for the NEX E-mount. He told me that fundamentally all lenses are Tamron. Yes, even the Sony 18-200mm! Fundamentally Tamron OEMs to Sony and of course, sells under their own brand name, Tamron as well. So, in terms of quality, you basically are purchasing Tamron technology regardless which one you buy. Their might be some modifications to accommodate Sony, but, that is what OEMing is all about.

    Oh, one more point, the rep hinted to me is that a new full frame Sony NEX most likely will be pretty much close to the same size we know the current NEX cameras. It might be just slightly larger to accommodate the flange mount for a FF sensor. If a FF NEX happens, I’ll be on one in a heartbeat. And, I may not use my ancient film cameras described above, but the lenses being full frame will still be usable in manual mode with proper converter-adapter. The lens is like a diamond. It never loses it’s intrinsic value. and 58mm f1.4 in those days when they were made of glass rather then plastic, adds to the value. πŸ™‚

  6. The rumor of a full-frame NEX is about two years old, now. One thing, though: using the NEX E-mount lenses is pointless if your objective is to have a full-fame camera. Why? Can you say “cropped images?” Thus, the A7 and A7r were born to fill the market for those who wanted a full-frame mirrorless camera. It makes no sense at all, though, that Sony engineered these two cameras to accept an E-mount lens, due to the crop factor.

    • Jay

      Thanks Gary for the constructive feedback! I have been updated the older guides for three days straight now and that really needed to be done! The rumors page I did away with, because I use the forum to post news and rumors on the daily…

      Thanks again,

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