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May 25, 2012

Fuji X-Pro1 – FujiFilm Introduces the M Mount Adapter!! Adds Leica Lens support and Lens Compatibility Chart!!

FujiFilm recently announced the M Mount Adapter for the X-Pro 1 which adds Leica Lens support!! This is huge, because Leica makes a huge assortment of top quality optics as well as other manufactures like Zeiss ZM Lenses. I have the full lens compatibility chart below and it is really long. Great News for you Range Finder fans on a budget that just can’t justify spending $8000 on a Leica Camera. Although the M Mount lens line-up is not exactly what I would call cheap. Some of the Top Quality lenses go for around $4000 or so, but you get what you pay for!! Clearly it’s not in everybody, but for those who have some of these lenses already, or a those looking to migrate towards this type of photography solution, it’s very inviting!! I wish Sony would come out with something like this, although we do have a decent assortment of adapters already. Check out my Nex Lens Adapters Guide for more info on using different lenses on your Sony Nex Camera. I update regularly as adapters are re-leased.


FujiFilm X-Pro 1 Hands on Review

Be sure to check out my Hands on Review of the FujiFilm X-Pro 1 over Here >>

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 - Body Only

Fujifilm X-Pro 1 – Body Only


FujiFilm M Mount Adapter Breakdown

A mount adapter that allows the use of a wide variety of M Mount lenses on the X Mount camera body.
It is built with a three-part structure that uses optimum materials for each of the components, to accommodate perfect fitting with high precision.

The adapter also features electronic contacts for communicating signals with the camera body and a function button to allow users to easily choose necessary settings and functions (Shoot Without Lens, focal length settings, various image corrections, etc.). *
The bright frame, shown in the Optical Viewfinder mode, changes according to the defined focal length for easy shooting. **

  • * Requires a user firmware update.
    The applicable firmware will be available from early June.
  • ** The frame may not be displayed for lenses of particular focal lengths

Signal contacts and the new Function Button for easy shooting

  • When the camera body recognizes the signal contacts of the Mount Adapter, the “Shoot Without Lens” mode is activated automatically.
    Users do not have to go to the MENU screen in order to change this setting, enabling them to start shooting instantly.
  • Pressing the Function Button brings up the Mount Adapter Setting mode instantaneously. This provides ease of operation when registering a new lens to use, entering its settings or changing a lens.
  • 1 : Signal Contacts  2 : Function Button

High precision design

The Mount Adapter is designed to maintain the flange back distance of 27.8mm *** for high precision M Mount lenses with advanced planarity.
It is constructed using a three-part structure that employs optimum materials for each of the components.
The contact surface with M Mount lenses features the same high quality stainless steel finish as that used on the X Mount camera body, while the contact surface with the camera body uses an aluminum component similar to that used in XF lenses.
The middle section is made of aluminum to achieve an all-metal construction for a high level of rigidity and durability.

  • *** The distance from the mount surface to the sensor1 :
  • Aluminum  2 : Stainless steel

Various image corrections and focal length settings in order to bring out the appeal of these legendary lenses

Mount Adapter Settings that allow up to 6 patterns to be registered

The camera body has four preset focal lengths (21mm, 24mm, 28mm and 35mm) and can store two additional focal lengths.
For each of the six focal lengths, users can define three image correction settings (distortion, peripheral illumination and color shading).

Three types of detailed image correction settings

Users can fine-tune “distortion”, “peripheral illumination” and “color shading” according to individual lens characteristics. *4
This feature allows users to correct images according to each lens’s optical profile, or opt for settings that accentuate a particular lens characteristic in order to enjoy a unique image quality and style.

  • *4 These image correction functions are only applied to taken photos.
    Live images on the LCD monitor and those viewed through EVF will not be presented as corrected images.
    Please do a test shooting and check the taken photos applied with the correction to find and register the optimum correction setting.
Distortion correction

This function corrects distortion, prominent on the edges of the frame.
It is designed to correct “barrel distortion” typically seen with wide angle lenses and “pincushion distortion” common with telephoto lenses.
Users may select three levels of correction (“Strong”, “Medium”, “Weak”) or “OFF” for both “barrel distortion” and “pincushion distortion”.

  • Barrel distortion
  • When correction is turned ON

  • Pincushion distortion
  • When correction is turned ON

Peripheral illumination correction

This function corrects peripheral illumination, i.e. darkening of the four corners of an image.
Users can opt to darken the periphery on purpose to highlight the photo subject at the center in order to enjoy unique image description and flavor.
The correction can be applied on the scale of 11 levels from -5 to +5 (including 0).

  • When correction is turned OFF
  • When correction is turned ON

Color shading correction

“Color shading” is a gradual shift of color between the center and periphery of an image.
This “color shading” function can correct the four corners separately.
-Red / Cyan… The red / cyan color shading is corrected between -9 and +9 relative to the green channel.
-Blue / Yellow…The blue / yellow color shading is corrected between -9 and +9 relative to the green channel.

  • When correction is turned OFF
  • When correction is turned ON

Specs and Lens Compatibility Chart

Fujifim M Mount Adapter Specs

Weight Approx. 65g (2.3 oz.)
Dimensions ø59mm (2.3 in.) x 14.7mm (0.6 in.)
Accessories included
  • Gauge for confirming lens compatibility
  • Owner’s manual

List of compatible lenses

Last Updated Date : May 2012
Mount Lens Results
Leica M Super-Angulon 21mmF4 No
Leica M Super-Angulon 21mmF3.4 No
Leica M Elmarit M21mmF2.8?ASPH. Yes
Leica M ELMARIT-M 24mmF2.8 ASPH. Yes
Leica M Elmarit M28mmF2.8 (3rd 1979-) Yes
Leica M ELMARIT-M 28mmF2.8 ASPH. Yes
Leica M Summilux M 35mm F1.4 (1st 1961-) No
Leica M Summicron M 35mm F2 (1st?1958-) Yes
Leica M Summicron M 35mm F2 (2nd?1969-) Yes
Leica M Summicron M 35mm F2 (3rd 1980-) No
Leica M SUMMICRON-M 35mmF2 ASPH. Yes
Leica M Summaron M 35mmF2.8 Yes
Leica M Noctilux 50mmF1 Yes
Leica M Sumilux 50mmF1.4 (2nd 1961-) Yes
Leica M SUMMILUX-M 50mmF1.4 ASPH. Yes
Leica M Summarit 50mm F1.5 Yes
Leica M Summicron 50mm F2 (1st 1954-) Yes
Leica M Summicron 50mm F2 (4th 1979-) Yes
Leica M Elmar 50mm F2.8 (1st 1957-) Yes
Leica M Elmar 50mm F2.8 (2nd 1995-) Yes
Leica M Sumilux 75mmF1.4 Yes
Leica M Elmarit M90mm F2.8 (2nd 1980-) Yes
Leica M Elmar 135mm F4 Yes
Leica L Summaron 3.5cm F3.5 Yes
Leica L Elmar 5cm F3.5 Yes
Leica L Elmar 5cm F2.8 Yes
Leica L Sumarit 5cm F1.5 Yes
Voigtlander M ULTRON 28mmF2 No
Voigtlander M NOKTON classic 35mmF1.4 No
Voigtlander M NOKTON 35mmF1.2 Aspherical VM 2 No
Voigtlander M NOKTON 35mmF1.2 No
Voigtlander M NOKTON classic 40mmF1.4 Yes
Voigtlander M NOKTON 50mmF1.1 Yes
Voigtlander M HELIAR classic 75mmF1.8 Yes
Voigtlander L ULTRA WIDE-HELIAR 12mmF5.6 Aspherical 2 Yes
Voigtlander L SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mmF4.5 Aspherical Yes
Voigtlander L COLOR-SKOPAR 21mmF4 Yes
Voigtlander L SNAPSHOT-SKOPAR 25mmF4 Yes
Voigtlander L COLOR-SKOPAR 28mmF3.5 Yes
Voigtlander L ULTRON 28mmF1.9 Yes
Voigtlander L COLOR-SKOPAR 35mmF2.5 Yes
Voigtlander L ULTRON 35mmF1.7 Yes
Voigtlander L COLOR-SKOPAR 50mmF2.5 Yes
Voigtlander L NOKTON 50mmF1.5 Yes
Voigtlander L HELIAR 50mmF2 Yes
Voigtlander L HELIAR 50mmF3.5 Yes
Voigtlander L COLOR-HELIAR 75mmF2.5 Yes
Voigtlander L APO-LANTHAR Yes
Carl Zeiss M Distagon T*15mmF2.8 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Distagon T*18mmF4 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Biogon T*21mmmF2.8 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M C Biogon T* 21mmF4.5 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Biogon T*25mmF2.8 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Biogon T*28mmF2.8 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Biogon T*35mmF2 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M C Biogon T*35mmF2.8 ZM No
Carl Zeiss M C Sonnar T*50mmF1.5 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Planar T* 50mmF2 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Sonnar T*85mmF2 ZM Yes
Carl Zeiss M Tele-Tessar T* 85mmF4 ZM Yes
RICOH L GR28 28mm F2.8 Yes
RICOH L GR21 21mm F3.5 Yes
  • Yes : possible
  • No : not possible


  • * A separately sold L-M conversion adapter is necessary when using the L Mount lens.
  • * When using the retractable lens, do not let the lens move in/out with the adapter attached.
    The camera and the lens may be damaged.
  • * This list of compatible lenses actually confirmed by Fujifilm is provided for your reference.
    Since the lens may be deteriorated due to individual difference or aging, or its form may have been changed due to damage, usability of all lenses of the same type is not guaranteed.
    Please make your own judgments when actually attaching the M Mount lens.

Closing Remarks

The Fujifilm X-Pro 1 is proving to be a better buy every day for Range Finder fans, and this latest installment just opened the flood gates on killer optics!! It’s a solid camera to begin with if you read my review on it, and competition to the Sony Nex system for sure. How much competition remains to be seen to be honest, but it’s definitely a contender in my book.

The Fujifilm M-Mount Adapter is expected to ship for ~$200 in June.



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