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I have a question about remotes – I want one to operate the camera on “bulb”. The RMTDSLR2 doesn’t support bulb, the only other remote I can find that does bulb is a Vello remote through B & H video. Do you know anything about these remotes( IRM-P IR and the IR-M).
Answer courtesy of FlavioRoss:

The RMTDSLR2 supports bulb. I have one and the NEX 6 too.
First set the camera to BULB. Then in the drive mode set “remote”.
To start the exposure press the shutter button of the remote, when you are done, press the shutter button again. Very easy.

The Sony remote is ok, but most of buttons are useless, the only ones you are really going to use is the shutter, the 2 sec and the movie button. The others are only for when the camera is connected to a TV.
There are some really cheap chinese remote controls (they have a Alpha logo and 2 buttons) on ebay, and for what I know, works just as fine. (I never tried theses through)
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