Hi All.

Ok,I have not contacted : Peake Designs, to moan !!

As when I opened their relevant online page, it tells me, the item: Capture Clip ,has been discontinued !

It was a fancy clip thing, that cost about 50 bucks. You could turn it in different positions, so you could mount it, either on yur belt, or on a backpack strap.

Initially, I thought it was a clever item, and attached the clip, to my backpack, so I did not have the weight of a camera around my neck !

Yes , the Capture Clip, for its $ 50 odd, also contains a screw in clip, for the base of the camera, so, once attached to the base of the camera, you just slide the camera, into the base

Anyway, as said, with the clip on my backpack, and sliding the camera , into it, was great !

The camera was right there, ready for use, without weighing a ton around my neck !

Unfortunately, the upward facing LCD, seemed to get affected by the Canary Island Sun, to the point, that now, when trying to view photos, you have to go into a dark area, and maybe you might be able to use the LCD, but mainly, not.

Anyway, my Sony A7 ll is now undergoing an LCD repair or change, whatever the repair shop recommends !

Ok, yes, in all fairness, I have to admit, I have not met any other Peake Design, Clip, user, nor heard of any other complaints.
However, having the company withdraw the clip, says a lot !

Yes , its possible that Sony had a bad batch of LCD screens ?? But no one else, has complained, about bad LCD screens, so far .

Anyway, since that !!
Both the A9 and the A7 R lll , are kept in bags, that can slide through a belt, and have a closeable top , to protect the LCD.

I might be wrong, however, if anyone is thinking that that Peake Design Capture Clip, looks neat, I would hold off and rather use a belt bag, with a top that is zippable or tied.

Ok , yes, it could be a complete coincedence, I agree, but, not having a comparison, I was in the Canaries with the camera and the Capture Clip, and, my LCD broke down.

Merry Christmas To All