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Thread: A7III White Box in image & EVF Information

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    A7III White Box in image & EVF Information

    Two Issues:
    (1) Just upgraded from the A7II to the A7III. After setting all my custom buttons and taking some interior shots to get a feel for this new camera I noticed something I can't explain. Sometimes there is a white box in the image while you make your adjustments before taking the shot. It doesn't do it on every shot but just now and again. So far only seen it on interior shots before shutter release, its warning me of something. The area in the shot isn't under exposed or over exposed, it's appeared in 2 shots out of 24. The image included I drew the white box in to show what it looks like. Any info would be appreciated, anyone else getting this? Not sure if it will happen outside, weather has been bad.

    (2) On another note on my A7II I use to be able to see in my EVF the info that's on the back screen, liked this because I could see everything in the viewfinder while making adjustment but doesn't seem to be available on the A7III. Any ideas as to why?

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    Could the white box be the face detection? And mistakenly activated by the camera?
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    I don't know what the white box is, but it looks like the camera does not know what to focus on. I would use touch to focus and select what you want to focus on. Then the camera will give you a green box or focus point indication... As far as the EVF goes, I need to look into that more. I always thought the EVF was the same as the viewfinder, but clearly that is not the case based on your sample photos. I will test this out with my A6400...

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