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Thread: DRO Affects RAW!

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    DRO Affects RAW!

    Sony cameras offer the DRO feature which can help with high dynamic range scenes. It is supposed to only affect JPEGs. I have found it useful (it helps sometimes, and doesn't cause problems) so I have my A7RM3 set for DRO Auto for normal shooting. Supposedly RAW images are not affected by the DRO processing.

    I shoot close-up shots of my orchid flowers and was experimenting with the touch focus point control feature of the camera. I shoot with the Sony 90mm macro lens and depth of field is very small - and the orchid flowers are definitely three-dimensional! ON1 has added a focus stacking feature (still in beta - not working perfectly now) but I was experimenting with selecting different focus points on the flowers to use later with focus stacking. I shoot with LED lighting against a dark black background - and these images benefit from a -1 EV exposure compensation setting. When using the touch focus point feature I noticed that the images seemed to improve - better color, better exposure - viewing the RAW images. A little experimentation shows that when DRO is turned on (Auto) and the touch spot focusing is used, there is an additional -.3 EV adjustment to the exposure. That is why the images looked better. This has nothing to do with the actual scene (I thought the black background might be causing problems) but the -.3 EV adjustment happens even when shooting an 18% grey card.

    Most of the time this change will not be noticeable, but in my case the change was visible. So, now when I do my orchid shots I turn off DRO completely - I prefer having exposure under my direct control.

    Sony doesn't really disclose what goes on with DRO processing but clearly it is complicated.

    This is just a note for those using DRO.


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    Thanks for the info David!

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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