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Thread: Why you shouldn't use too many 3rd party accessories on the A6000..!!

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    Why you shouldn't use too many 3rd party accessories on the A6000..!!

    Ok, I have found a great way to get around the horrible battery life in the A6000 - and it seems to work fantastically, and it's with a "3rd party accessory", but I don't think I'll be relying on too many others from now on..

    Browsing on an online auction site the other day, I saw a battery grip (I can hear you grinding your teeth already) and I thought that would be a big GO for this camera, so I hit Buy Now on the price reduced item, from a camera shop down the line. Got it next day, hooked it up slapped a few batteries in and fired it up - hey, great stuff, it works well. But uh-oh, after a few shots it came up with the message "Incompatible battery" then shut down. I wonder how many of you have seen this before, a few I'll bet, especially with batteries, right..!! I retried about 10 times while making sure it was all hooked up properly and connections were good etc, but each time - same message, same shut down. Oh heck (or something similar)..!!

    I'd been reading for a few days on how to get around this problem which seems to manifest itself in up to 50% of these units - many different brands, but most are the same re-badged product. In the end I decided to modify it to accept my new dummy battery setup, as in my previous post about terrible battery life. This involved drilling a small hole in its side - I mean it was useless as it was, right..?? So I pulled the grip to bits. I also decided to document it because it meant undoing a few internal plugs and a small circuit board etc, so I plugged the powerbank setup into the A6000 and clicked away (by the way that powerbank battery is still reading 100%). I was taking my time but very soon after starting the A6000 and after a couple of shots it came up with an error on the LCD screen - "Battery Exhausted" and shut down, again and again, yet each time it was always showing 100% on the LCD screen. Cripes, what now..?? I thought that maybe the powerbank was finally beginning to die off, so I tried 3 other powerbanks and they all came up with the same error, yet all showed 100% life..!! I then plugged in a fully charged Wasabi spare battery and it immediately began to lose life at an alarming rate,, you could virtually count down with it - 99, 98, 97, 96, 95 (you get it ..!!), right down to 85% in approx 2 or 3 minutes. What the $%@## was going on? I tried for the next hour to fix things but no luck. I then decided to perform a complete reset of the camera - fingers crossed..!!

    After power up and setting date and location etc, I then I had to go through the entire menu setting. Geez man what a pain in the other place, but after about 20 minutes or so I finally got it back to its usual settings, and guess what, I suddenly realized that it never shut down during that period. The thing seems to be working ok again with the powerbank setup. Thank (whatever)...!!!

    No more accessories, no more nothing, as the saying goes. Enough is enough. I've got a good little setup now so I'll just leave things alone...!!!

    Edit a few minutes later - What about the future of the Travor Battery Grip..?? It's future is yet to be decided - Grrrrrrrrrrrr...!!! For now, I'll reassemble the whole thing and it's back into its original box and I'll store it - somehwere..!!

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