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Thread: rx101V or a7r2

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    rx101V or a7r2

    I have been looking at reviews and videos on the Sony RX10mk4 and I am seriously considering trading in my a7r2 with 24-70 ,55mm and 90 macro for this camera, my flash and remotes and other accessories will still work and I get 600mm.
    The video seem just as capable and offer as may frame rates and profiles if not better and while you can't aggressively crop like you can with a7r2 sensor you have the longer reach.

    Am i missing something or is this a reasonable course to take.?

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    The RX10 mk IV uses an 8.9-222mm f/ 2.4-4 lens.

    Taking into account the 1" sensor with a crop factor of 2.7, this increases the focal range to the advertised 24-600mm range and decreases the f value to the non-advertised f/ 6.48 - 10.8

    It's hard to beat a crop sensor camera when it comes to range and FPS with AF.
    If a smaller total system size with less lenses, greater outdoor range, taking photos of craters on the moon, , superior AF performance, 4K video @ 30FPS, and weather sealing are your priority the RX10mk4 is a great choice.

    If you're considering low light scenarios, you will require a higher ISO or sacrifice depth of field.
    If your 24-70 is an f/4 it's 1.5x less light.
    If your 24-70 is an f/2.8 you have 2.5x less light.
    (Insert list of camera gear that lets others know how much money you have here.)

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