On a trip to vist our son and we were getting close to his new place, when he rang and said that there is a big Russian Plane getting ready to take off.
SO we put in the new GPS setting's and made our way there. But Where it was taking us just didn't feel right.
So I kept going the way I knew was correct. And the GPS done its best to make us turn around.
But in the end it caught up with the way I was going. And then we seen the son waiting in his car.
A flash of lights and he lead the rest of the way.
There had to be a 1000 people there and it wasn't advertised either.

We finally found a place to park and It wasn't where it just left the ground but it was still lifting its wheels as it go to where we were.
I only had my 200mm lens and I got a surprise to see that it done a quite a good job to, well I thought so.
While we were there an older fella came up and talked to us and not being one not to have a chat we talked away until the plane was gone.
His wife failed to get a shot of it and my wife sent her the video she took of it.
The reason to why she wanted it was their daughter was in hospital fighting leukemia, so a good deed for the day but we only found that out after they had the video.
I see no reason why we should not have done it as it seemed the right thing to do even before the news to why they wanted it.

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