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Thread: Could this be the A6000's Ultimate (hopefully "FINAL") poor battery life solution..??

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    Could this be the A6000's Ultimate (hopefully "FINAL") poor battery life solution..??

    I have posted many posts in this and other forums, in the vain hopes that I would cure the unacceptably poor life of the A6000's (and I guess the A6300 + A6500) FW50 7.2v 1080 mah battery. Even though a couple of attempts showed promising signs, the net results have not made any impacting change worth bragging about, well at least maybe up until now.. Fingers crossed, although I'm very sure things will "improve"..

    I am currently trying the "iFootage Electric Ray E1" - wow, what a mouthful. It sounds more like a Death Ray, that Darth Vader should be blasting his enemy's home planet(s) away with around the galaxy. It fits into the hot-shoe and allows the use of a USB 5 volt Powerbank to power the camera. It consists of the following - a 'Dummy Battery' with a cord/plug,, which plugs into a 'Voltage Converter' which converts from 5 volts to the required 7.2 volts for the A6xxx series,, a silicon 'Rubber Adjustable Strap' to hold almost any Powerbank you choose,, and a 'Hot-shoe Adaptor' which holds it all in place and of course you mount on the (I'll give you one guess where)...!!! From there you strap your Powerbank (not supplied) onto the voltage regulator, connect electrical cables and away you go. I am using a high quality Xiaomi 16000 mah powerbank and have taken quite a few photos and the 4 LED indicators on it have not yet moved, indicating that there is between 75 - 100% of the available charge left. By now with the normal batteries, it would have definitely flattened at least one, maybe two of them. So far I have a slight grin on my face but it's early days, and with this camera I have learned to wait for a while before judging these fixes, but early signs are definitely the best to date. Some may consider it to be an eyesore sitting there atop the camera, but when you consider all the attachments you can use with a camera, I see it as "just another" fitting. I'll have to use ordinary batteries if I wish to use a the Metz 44AF flash I got for it a couple of years back but hey, I can live with that as I now have a total 5 normal batteries all up. I also have a couple of 20,000 mah Powerbanks but they are a bigger, and bigger means heavier, and I don't want to put too much stress on that hot-shoe. This 16,000 mah setup feels quite good and solid and should have plenty of power on hand. No need to go overboard just yet..

    I guess I just refused to sell this camera because it produces such great photos - while it's got power going into it. It has spent most of its life in the wardrobe but hopefully it's now time to come out of the closet - hahahaha...!!! The Nikon D600 and D750 can take a break for a while, if this works out.. This setup is by far the best fix to date but the real question now is - by how much..??

    Edit a bit later - Cost was - direct currency exchange rate = $60 NZ which translates to approx $39 US,, or equivalent spending power (what you can buy per dollar) of about $30 US..
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    Update a handful of days later,,

    Since my last post, I was going to get another smaller Xiaomi 10,000mah powerbank because it is a lot smaller and much 'lighter'. I felt that the larger 16,000mah one was a little on the heavy side and with its extra length it tended to put a bit much leverage on the hot-shoe.. Some newer and updated Xiaomi series' are smaller and lighter as they are now using lithium-polymer as opposed to lithium-ion, especially in the smaller 10,000mah unit, and they are not necessarily cylindrical cells. Many of them now use more cuboid shaped cells and can be packed into spaces a lot more efficiently than cylindrical ones. The 10,00mah battery looked like it was just made fore the job, but I thought about it for a while and decided to modify what I had so I could carry the 16,000 mah, and even a couple of 20,000mah units I had sitting around waiting purpose to belong to. I bought a couple of 1.3mm DC power plugs and a socket (I could only get ahold of one chassis mount socket but beggars can't be choosers) and made an extension lead that fits between the dummy battery lead plug and the iFootage voltage converter and, Voila..!! Now I can carry any powerbank I wish to use, in my pocket or bag or whatever. Right now I am still using the 16,000mah I originally started using and even after this time, the A6000 just yesterday started showing 99% of charge left in it but went back to 100% this morning. This is definitely surpassing my expectations, and by a long-shot too. I only have one piece of advice at this stage.. If you don't use the camera for an hour or two and switch it off, unplug the powerbank as both the voltage converter and the powerbank get a little warm, and I mean "only a little" (maybe only body temperature or slightly higher) but remain stone cold while actually in use.

    Just this morning, a further 'nice' surprise popped up and bit me.. About a year ago I bought a dummy battery in the hopes of trying something along the same lines but eventually gave it up as a bad joke. I put the dummy battery in its box and filed it away, somewhere. Do you think I could find that thing all this week..?? Well, I woke up this very morning and jumped out of bed at about 5:30am and went straight to it. It just came to me in an instant as I woke up - strange..!! A few hours ago I unsoldered the existing lead from it and soldered in a dedicated extension lead with the needed 1.3mm plug on. Now I can have the best of both worlds..

    Testing battery life still goes on...


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