Do you want to know what is really going on in this crazy world of ours?? Are you sure??

Well then, here is my list of what I check daily....

I am not saying these sources are the only thing worth checking out, but I find it works for me and may help you get to know your way around the web to find re-sources for what you are interested in etc...

It's come to a point in history where I think we need to all start participation to some degree. Personally I'm just trying to be informed as much as possible on every topic that interests me. It's a very large spread, but I think many of you might be interested in various parts of what I'm interested in. Otherwise, you would not be in this area of the forum I'm thinking...

The best thing we as a people can do in such crazy times, is be informed and know the truth!! That is so much easier said than done however, when the sources of so-called truth have been proven liars over and over again. So what to do? Give up? Hell No... Lets learn all we can so we can be best prepared for what comes next

If you guys have some links to share that you think I might want to check out, please be sure to add a post below so I and others can get in on that channel of knowledge as well!

My Go-To News and other Current Events

So many options for this, but here is what I like to check out and fallow currently as of Today. This changes often depending on the news and coverage of course and this is not in any order of priority really. I check all of it almost everyday usually... When I see something that is interesting, I then check it out...

- The Still Report: I really enjoy Bill and his daily reports!
- The Rubin Report w/ Dave Rubin: One of the best interviewers today I think and offers a great Podcast/ Videocast on youtube
- Tim Pool: an independent journalist that travels and reports on all sorts of topics in an honest way.
- WeAreChange: Luke is another independent journalist that offers a great take on world events you usually do not hear about. Can be a bit abrasive at times, but I really enjoy the alternative views presented
- SuspiciousObservers: This brilliant dude Ben breaks down the Sun and it's activities and how it effects us and the universe in general.
- JustInformedTalk: Focusing on the Q phenomenon which I am really deep into currently...
- Danny Wilten: Mostly focusing on symbolism and how it relates to ancient wisdom like sacred geometry math, consciousness, and much more!! Also breaks down religion like nobody I have ever watched before! Many other very interesting topics and amazing art work! Lately focusing on the Q situation...
- David Icke: An independent journalist that offers a very different view of the world and is extremely eye opening in several areas, but also sounds a bit nutz in other areas. The fact is we no so little, it's hard to say what is real anymore... I love the pure honesty, wisdom, and kindness David offers even though he is constantly beaten down by media and the like...
- Steven Crowder: A comedy news show that I really enjoy overall.
- Philip DeFranco: Another funny dude who covers a wide range of news topics, more on the culture side of things I would say. I like his point of view on many topics, but often do not agree necessary.
- InfoWars - Alex Jones: A bit on the sensational side for sure, but very accurate source of the "real news" proven over time again and again and again...
- Mark Dice: Hilarious dude that makes fun of the news , (Mostly CNN)
- Sargon of Akkad: A very interesting point of view I enjoy hearing on various very important current events

The Ancient Past and awesome Mysteries:

- Bright Insight: A great channel covering ancient history and much more
- Mystery History: Excellent resource and study
- Ancient Architects: Awesome resource and alternative study
- Brian Forestor: An amazing resource of ancient knowledge and a steady stream of on site videos/ explanation of various ancient sites
- Newearth - Longer "arguable more boring" videos showing so many ancient sites I have never seen. They are crazy old as well and fascinating to see and learn about.

Really Weird un-explained type stuff currently happening:

- SecureTeam10 - Great channel trying his best to show us the really weird stuff captured out there by various sources... A lot of the stuff is not ufo's however...
- Beyond Science:

Future, technology, gadgets:

- Vsauce Super brilliant dude creating awesome content that makes you think
- Unbox Therapy - Great for looking at new gadgets and toys

Life Help:

Jordan Peterson: Currently my go to guy for understanding the human condition and to learn as much self improvement tips as possible!

Snowboarding Tips:

Ryan Knapton - Best snowboard hard carving rider I have ever seen!! Great teacher as well
SnoboardProCamp - Another great snowboarder (Kevin) and many others heloping in all sorts of ways including gear reviews and tons of how-to tips...


Beyond the Fight w/ Chael Sonnen: This gentlemen is extremely inteligent and offers a great entertaining take on the UFC sport in my opinion

Favorite Podcasts:

I listen to podcasts when I commute to work which is almost an hour each way. I also drive a lot for work, so I spend hours a day soaking up info on various podcasts. Below are my favorite Go To shows but I have a bunch of other back-ups if I run out of content...

- Joe Rogan Experience: Mostly Comedy- A great podcast with guest covering almost everything imaginable...
- Duncan Trussel Family Hour: Comedy - Much more on the trippy side of things, Duncan enjoys discussing various things like Burning Man, Drug Re-search by Maps for example, undersgtanding life, what we are and why we are here, how we should try and navigate this crazy world with so many options..
- The Un-Explained w/ Howard Hughes - An amazing Broadcaster and interviewer!!
- H3H3 Podacst: A great comedy show with various guests talking about all sorts of things.
- Dan Carlin Hardcore History: The best history lessons I have ever gotten by far! learned way more than I ever have in school history from this dude!!
- Dave Rubin
- H3H3 Podacst: Very Funny!!

I hope this list helps those looking for some alternative sources of reality in this crazy world of absolute corruption of media we live in...