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Thread: eye focus and face recognition issues with a a7r2

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    eye focus and face recognition issues with a a7r2

    Hi on Saturday , not for the first time, I gave up trying to use the eye focus on my A7r2.
    It matters not which lens I have fitted, but the acquisition of a face square and the eye focus square are random to say the least.

    Given the praises that have been sung over these focusing aids I have to assume I have something not set correctly.

    I was taking 20-30 images of 50 models at speed so I tried both continuous and single focus modes, full focus area and zone are and even centre area. I have face recognition turned on and eye focus assigned to c3 button.

    I was shooting with studio lights at f8 _ 1/160 _ iso 100 all day .
    Is there a focal length that works better, I see videos of people using all sorts of focal lengths and still saying how brilliant the eye focus is.

    I found standing in roughly the same place and the models the same that the face recognition was totally random when it appeared. The images them selves are fine , in fact every one is in focus so thats not a issue.

    What are the aperture and other parameters that you have found that allow the camera to regularly find faces never mind the eye focus?

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    Thank you, I had a look but it does not shed any light I dont think.

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