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Thread: Download from SD Card or Camera?

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    Download from SD Card or Camera?

    Just recently I bought a 64GB SD card and let my older 32 GB card have a rest.
    To cut it short some one needed an sd card so I let them use my old 32 card.
    They came back letting me know that it was starting to fall apart.
    The showed me where it was and it is up by the copper plate part of the card.

    Now I tried it in my camera and it still works but this doesn't detract from the card is falling apart.
    So it made me think is this due to when I download my photo's as I always take my card out.
    When I put it back in it is never a smooth motion as it seems to always get a little hooked up.
    Then finally goes back into the camera.

    The card has never played up but I am wondering is the card in that condition due to the camera and carme not going in smooth.
    So now I am going to go the way of downloading my shot through the camera itself.
    As I have thought that over time the little pads might wear out quicker but the in camera way should never wear out.
    Has anyone else had this sort of thing happen to them.
    But remember the card does still work in my camera.
    I am just courious on your way you download your shots.
    CC is always welcome, the good and the bad. I promise not to take it personal as I know it wasn't meant that way.

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    Hello I have never seen this myself on a SD card, but it does make sense that the copper might start to pull up over time. Clearly it should not, but if it gets snagged over and over for years I can totally see it happen based on other electronics I have worked with at my job. I've seen that peeling effect happen at work on really old electronics...

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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