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    Sony Remote App

    I am trying to activate the Sony Remote App in my A7II. I use a wireless remote now but it doesn't always work especially if you are on the wrong side of the sensor. My question, " Do I need to have a wifi signal within the area I am shooting for this app it to work"? I am also having issues with it activating at my home where wifi is active. I see that it is trying to activate on my screen but the circle just keeps spinning and never seems to make a connection & yes I have Airplane mode Off.

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    the wifi is on the camera and you turn that on...once on your phone wifi needs to be on and they should connect to each may have to tell phone to connect to camera wifi....after that its all go...nothing to do with house wifi...its only between your phone and your camera
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    Like Steve said, your camera is creating its own WiFi.
    It is really easy to connect to Android phone, just use NFC. Turn your camera and phone ON and touch NFC points.
    If you are using iPhone you have to disconnect your phone from home WiFi and connect to camera. This is phone limitation not cameras.

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    Maybe check your Smart Remote version. Latest version (4.31) is https://www.playmemoriescameraapps.c...9014_00-F00002.

    My home wifi does not effect my camera wifi.
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