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    apsc / super 35

    I have seen it written that if you have the camera set to auto for the aps-c / super 35 then movie mode uses super 35 but on myA7r2 that does not happen i need to select it manually am I misunderstanding something?

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    Hello and great question! Super 35 is a crop factor video recording format, so on the full frame cameras you will need to select it, otherwise you will be using full frame mode. Super 35mm is better quality than full frame mode, although not the same coverage due to crop factor. The reason the quality is better, is because of how the video is sampled off the sensor and processed in particular. It gets a bit complicated beyond that with how the pixels are used etc...

    The Auto feature is for when you are using an APS-C lens if I'm not mistaken, then it will automatically switch to Super 35mm mode, or crop factor mode...

    I hope that helps?
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    oh yes of course the auto only works with a apsc lens to avoid the heavy vignette, I thought it meant that in video mode that happens with any lens if in auto from this article
    "I advise to use the S35 mode in general. Except situations with a lot of movement in your frame (sports, fast moving objects, car chases etc.) or when you really need the wide image of the full frame.
    You can easily set the camera to "automatically" use S35 during filming and full frame during picture taking.
    Found in Custom Settings Menu, Tab 6
    APS-C/Super 35mm: Auto" end quote

    which therefore appears to be wrong

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