Yesterday I plugged in my external harddrive and was putting more photos in my flood folder.
I went back to it and it has gone. I done the search and nothing came up. I put down folder I knew I had on there and nothing showed up.

So I panicked a little then decided to find a free file finder. The 1st one was totally useless as it only found folders I have got.
So I found another one and this one looked to be the right one. I had to leave my laptop on all night.
Got up and with the hope it would have found it or them, only to read it had some sort of problem.
Making last nights effort a total waste of time.

Needless to say both of them were uninstalled and I knew it was now time to get my back up hard drive and copy each folder back to the hard drive I want it on.
This took close on from 8 am to around about 12.30 this afternoon.
I knew there was going to be some folders missing but it was better to have a few missing than the lot of them.

As I was looking at the folder I seen the words Flood 2016 and this was as I knew the place where all my folders would be.
There they all were and just after I had transferred all the folder to the place where I wanted them.
I don't know how I had moved the folder with all my shots I have taken with my new camera.
But I did it and I am glad I had found them.
While my wife has been away I have had 3 day or should I say nights where I just couldn't sleep.
I mean not one minute and I have to say it kills the back and it dulls the mind.
They say its like a drink driver, and I do now agree as I almost missed a corner due to not concentrating.
And this is what I do blame on me moving the folder to the folder that was next to it.
So don't drink and drive and don't drive if you have been sleep depraved as I was.

The happy story was that I got all my files back, but it was a good wake up also.