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Thread: Do not buy bitdefender a/v !

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    Do not buy bitdefender a/v !

    Ok, I did what most people do, when a neighbours computer, starts sending out bogus messages for help & needing $ 1000 immediately.

    Clearly a load of bunkum, due to the wording.

    Anyway I did some googling and found that the best A/V for a Mac, is :
    Bit Defender.

    Well, I ran into some problems downloading the programme.

    Finally got it to work, but I am not sure I'm getting the whole package !

    On the Antivirus side, its saying 100% 1 yr cover.

    Yet despite also paying for malware & virus protection, that comes up as a 30 day Trial.

    Sorry but my bill at $ 138 includes both for a year !

    I even got sent 2 different Activation Codes !

    No Probs ! Ill just email the help centre link !

    NO, you canot ! .......... Cos That Address ... Don't Exist !

    Then, looking through stuff, I came across loads of dissatisfied customers, all saying the same :

    Bit Defender has no customer support !
    It gives no Refunds !

    So , why are all these magazines, saying, its the best AV for Mac ?
    Not one of the reports, mention lack of clarity or ... NO customer support

    Also, lots of people are saying that ;
    Hidden in the first order, is an automatic renewal, in 12 months !

    So, to avoid an automatic renewal, in about 11 months you need to report your card as lost or stolen...

    Presumably then.....

    You do not waste hours on the phone being shunted ; To & Fro,between various Bit Defender departments ??

    Anyone, with any insight to BitDefender ?
    Any Short Cut numbers to Customer Service ?

    Any Help will be greatly Appreciated !

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    Norton is probably the best but it is also the most intrusive and resource hungry.
    McCafee is also intrusive and loads a lot of junk on your PC

    Wile maybe not as all covering as BitDefinder or Norton,, I like Malwarebytes
    I know a PC tech locally here that runs Norton on all her clients machines, however, when anyone brings a PC in for service even if it has Norton on it, she runs a Malwarebytes scan on it first.
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    I recently converted to BitDefender.
    In mid 2015, for Windows (3 machines), and this year for PC + Mac lenses (10 in total).
    I received only one code for each purchase.
    I haven't had any issues with them.

    Before BitDefender, I use Intego VirusBarrier for Mac for many years.
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    maybe the second key is the key to enter for the extra stuff you purchased ?
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    I have got the one OldNoob has put down and have not had any hassle with it to date.
    I have had it on my laptop now for about 3 weeks and I am sure if it was going to muck up it would of happened before now.
    Though I am not telling you to get it because I am not a computer savvy but I got this one working and for free.
    CC is always welcome, the good and the bad. I promise not to take it personal as I know it wasn't meant that way.

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    When all else fails try uninstall and reinstall....
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    Thanks for the responses, Ill keep you updated

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    Ok Here is an Update !

    They have included a chat line , on the subscription page.
    I got hold of a chap, who was very helpful.
    He explained that the Virus & Spyware removal, is not an add on to the 2016 Antivirus plus package.
    It is a one time tech thing, and it only works on Windows. So he is supposedly arranging a refund of my $ 99.
    He could not explain why my 5 emails to the tech support department, had gone more or less unanswered.

    He did send an email of confirmation, so hopefully, it will be sorted,

    Now, lets see if I get my $ 99 back !

    I will update, as & when.

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    Well, Today I have received a full refund, for the Virus & Spyware removal pack, that only works on Windows. ( That was not mentioned in the ad )
    So, I have to say, Bit Defender has started a really effective chatline, that gets results !
    Thank You Bit Defender !

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