I have posted this problem up before but that was in the help section.
This time I know what to do and have done it but sadly some spots still remain.

The good side well as good as it can get because we have to spend money now'
On the 7th of next month we are going to see our son and his family and while we are in the big city we are going to drop the camera off to be cleaned.
I rang them up and booked it in, as the lady said its like a doctors appointment.
We drop it off there and on the 8th we can go and pick it up again., sadly I forgot to ask how much.
But it really needs to be done.

If I keep at F/8 and below I am quite good with a few spots.
I put the new lens on and went to F/32 and there were a heap of black spots.
So its time for the big boys to have a play.
Though my night shots are not affected but it black the Dust Bunnies are the same so they hide well.