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Thread: Eyepiece projection is fun

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    Red face Eyepiece projection is fun

    Moon is a fun subject. It's almost always there, and easy to line-up in the potic, even without a polar tracking the ecliptic is wicked simple.

    So...this is a no crop, full frame at ED80 with a 25mm Meade eyepiece:

    Sort of boring, been there seen no t-shirt.

    Now, stuff a 10mm eyepiece into the holder, and BINGO!


    Cropped a bit and cleaned up in Lightroom

    My next thing to do, when I get a free moment will be to take maybe 100 images in the same area and stack them in Registax6. I'll really need to try to figure out a focusing method that is 'better', as the atmosphere movement is difficult to predict, I'm hoping the stacking of that many more images will help the final image.....

    Scott (thanks for looking) B

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    Great images Scott.

    I don't get a chance to peer through a telescope as often as I used to but your images bring back memories. Your second shot in particular is excellent.

    The alignment and stacking parts of Registax are fairly straight-forward. It's the wavelet de-noise that is really painful to figure out. I still haven't found a good recipe to this day.

    You can also record a video to get a lot of images in a short time (i.e. 60 fps). Registax will identify the better samples but I typically exclude the first few and last seconds to disregard camera shake when pressing the video button.



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    I've read a little bit about the Registax6 stuff, and so far I'm looking at having to convert the video file from a Sony a7ii to just about anything else in order for the software to use it. That might be pretty straight forward to some, but I only see it as an additional expense, or worse....virus bound software that is 'free' on the interwebs. Either is something I really want.

    I just did finish a mosaic of ten full frame shots in Lightroom, but I'm not totally pleased with the all seems rather 'soft'. So instead of posting 'crapola', I'll try to find a better series of photo's and redo the post-processing.

    Scott (need a better eyepiece too) B

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    Fantastic work Scott and thank you for sharing all the details and technical information for those curious The results speak for themselves! It's hard to pick a favorite....

    Thanks again for sharing,
    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    WOW! impressive! I'm getting in late on lunar photography, just starting. Ive been trying to get a good shot but the atmospheric refraction from rising heat (I guess) is really bad here. I'm wondering if maybe summer or early autumn would be better? Or if there is a time of night or weather condition that is best for lunar images?
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    Now thats what I call getting close to the moon.
    Have to agree that its fun shooting the moon.
    So much more details in your shot that anything I have got.
    So more than well done on that.
    CC is always welcome, the good and the bad. I promise not to take it personal as I know it wasn't meant that way.

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