Since I have got the new big lens I have had a major problem with the tripod heads on them.
I have to keep adjusting them only to find as soon as I thought I had it right I have to then put a finger on the camera to push it down.
It is frustrating to have to do this all the time. So I went hunting on Ebay and fou
nd this one.
I got it today and I have not used it yet but I know my problems have been solved with this one.
Its a good price to pay and is solid. Now I would not try to tell anyone anything if I thought it was crap or wouldn't work.
But this is going to see me out, I am sure of that. The workmanship in this Pan Head is so good.
So I thought if anyone is having the same sort of trouble have a look at this one.

I am looking forward to warmer days to get outside and I hope the moon will be out much earlier so I can try it out on that to.

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This is it