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Thread: The Farpoint 80, a perfect carry on bag for all the gear + clothes

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    The Farpoint 80, a perfect carry on bag for all the gear + clothes

    Hi All.
    I have got to the point , where carrying my normal over the shoulder, strap bag , to & from airports, was getting to be too much. Also the bags stitches were beginning to wear & pull. I went to look at what was available in the shops, and came across the
    Osprey Farpoint 80 : ( I hate those drag along bags )
    Now, in the same way as the techie lot, go out & buy the newest Phones, Tablets etc, and immediately do allsorts of wierd warranty voiding modifications to them, I took a good look at the Farpoint 80. For those familiar with the Osprey Farpoint 70 etc, you are used to the unzippable day bag on the back. The Farpoint 80 does NOT have a daybag.

    The Rucksac straps are not the usual big fat things, and they zip into a panel, that hides them completely, so once you are at the airport , the beady eyed attendants see nothing to complain about.
    Obviously you cannot fill the bag, but it gets my camera , spare lens, flash , computer , chargers etc + a weeks worth of clothes.

    Easyjet allow around 10 kilo in cabin bagage, however, you do need to make one modification to the bag.
    It comes with a 5mm steel n frame, where each leg is folded over and stuffed into a tape pocket on either side.
    This has to be removed.

    Open up the part of the bag that exposes the rucksack straps & you will see the steel frame between the vertical stitchings that anchor the straps. Using a sharp knife, cut the thin material along the steel frame. The material rips, due to the tension from the frame , but it can only rip for about 4 inches due to the vertical stitching on each side.

    Now, I used a short pair of bolt cutters, to cut through the exposed frame, thinking I might have to make several cuts, but no, once the top of the n is cut, you can slide the frame out, one leg at a time.

    I put gorilla tape on both sides of the cut, so it wouldn`t fray, and to reinforce the vertical seams.
    Now I can carry all my gubbins, as a rucksack, while getting to the airport, zip the rucsac straps away, and it goes into the cabin perfectly.
    None of the ground staff or attendants gave it a second glance, as I qeued up & boarded.

    And On the Plane !

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