Been a few days since it happened, but I was cleared to go back to my job.
After seeing the doctor, I was back the next day to it was a long work week for me - one day! Yup, the job I have is Monday through Thursday for a 10hour I had to rough it out for one day. What did I do? well.....they really wouldn't let me do much of anything(I hate being babied or pampered)! I was miserable all day sitting behind a steering wheel follow tractors at 3mph

This following week, they had no choice, I had to be allowed to do something, as three people were off work! I was a mowing grass kind of fool! Mowed 19.5miles worth of road....not the best mileage I've ever recorded, but the fella mowing the second pass is a 'rookie' and I spent a lot of time waiting for him to catch up. Then, everyone came back to work for the rest of the week, and I was stuck back in the pickup following again.....

On a side note, I did score some more woodturning blanks, and I've already made some pretty nice bowls out of them! So there boss! I'm in the truck, but I also have a chainsaw!!! HAHA
Also, I had the WoodMizer bandsaw mill running that following Saturday. It was nice to be able to go make some fine looking lumber for people, I missed that more then anything. The new electric winch I put on the mill makes it possible for me to really relax and have more fun(less weight loss, but more fun)....almost effortless with 'off-bearing' being done for me at jobsites! The extra 'hobby funding' sure is a blessing too....I missed that the most!

Doctor finally told me that I might never get all the feeling back, but as long as I'm 'strong' I may get use to it. Not sure how I feel about that..... Workers Comp will 'settle' the case with me for 19% loss of body, whatever that means.... Not sure about the legal part of WComp paying me a disability? Contacted a lawyer, and he wants to have me come in and be 'represented'(not what I what dude, just want to know if I have any problems related to this if I'll be covered down-the-road) I am not the suing kind of need, I'm fixed(as good as I can get), and I don't need a lawyer sucking the life out of me! I digress......

Scott (BassPro for Fathers Day shopping....coming right up) B