Great pics Jay. Back in the day, I bought the Minolta 85 mm f 1.7, and I did find, outside of controlled environments, despite great shots,it is a very limiting lens.
Ok I admit , it was my fault. We pulled into the Graceland parking lot, and suddenly I had this woman yelling at me, to get on the bus.
I had barely pulled in, and in retrospect, I should have waved the bus away, to give me time to sort myself out.
Anyway, going with the guide, I grabbed the camera bag, and off we went.
Unfortunately, the other lenses, were in a different bag, so I was stuck, with the Minolta 85 f 1.7.
That meant, throughout the Graceland tour, I never got a single shot worth a damm, because I had to be so far away from any of the artifacts, even Elvis grave, I had to try for fast shots, to get a shot not full of others with different lenses.
You did a great job !!!