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Thread: depth of field on e mount lens on a A7 body

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    depth of field on e mount lens on a A7 body

    ok so I know that if you fit a full frame lens for example a 50mm f2.8 to a 1.5 crop factor body the effective viewing size become equivalent to a 75mm and the f stop becomes an effective f4 as far as dof goes, but what happens if you fit a e-mount crop frame lens to a A7 , in auto it also looks like a 75 mm but there also the same shift in DOF?

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    I'm thinking that all that is happening is the camera is just using the portion of the sensor that is equivalent to the area of an APS-C sensor. Don't think there is difference in distance from lens to sensor, so DOF with that lens would be equivalent to what you'd see on an APS-C body. Don't see how it could be any better or worse.

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    Yes, I agree with Willie's assessment


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