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Thread: lookin for good old macro dedicated lens!!

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    Question lookin for good old macro dedicated lens!!

    hi what should i look for on ebay etc ???

    fujifilm XT1 Sony rx10. Sony he 5v Sony a6000. Soon !!

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    I have a Sony Sal50m28 nice lens so far but I have never really got around to trying the macro thing. Sony also make a 30mm(sal30m28) and a 100m(sal100m28). You can also get macro extension tubes that do a good job for a lot less around $80-$140 ish on ebay. And if you are on a real budget there is the good old reversing ring that can be had for between $10-$15 on ebay, I have seen some good results from these as well.

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    I would recommend checking out the old Minolta MD 100mm Macro Lenses >>

    I know I want one

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    As far as I can tell the Sony lenses are just rebadged Minolta lenses well the 50mm versions I have seen look identical to my Sony.

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    tnx for feedback got a fast minolta 50mm 1.7 might get some ex tubes


    happy thanks giving you yanks!!
    fujifilm XT1 Sony rx10. Sony he 5v Sony a6000. Soon !!

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    Have you had a chance to try extension tube on the rokkor 50mm?

    I have been looking for a reasonable approach to macro on a A6000. I have had good results in general with vintage minolta lenses and the options I am more seriously considering are the Rokkor 100mm f4 (there is an older f3.5 but optically inferior) or fiddling on the 50mm with either extension tube or filter. At this time, the real Rokkor macro is very expensive so any experience on good but cheaper approach(es) would be interesting.

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    Older models of Tamron 90mm f2.8 1:1 macro can be found for $150/200 on e-bay, optically they are all same. Model # 72, 172 and 272

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obelix View Post
    Older models of Tamron 90mm f2.8 1:1 macro can be found for $150/200 on e-bay, optically they are all same. Model # 72, 172 and 272
    Thanks for the info but this is still some serious money compared to extension tube or filter. I have ordered a small set of extension tubes to see what's that like. I'm not expecting a lot but at least for the price there will be no low-grade optics involved. Fingers crossed.
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    Here's one with a Minolta Maxxum 50mm f2.8 Macro (on a77, but could also be used with an e-mount adapter). I really liked this lens, but sold it to help pay for the Sony 100mm Macro.

    Name:  state parks 159.jpg
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    I had some success with this combination. It's a NEX-7 with Minolta Macro bellows and a MC 50mm Macro lens (although, I think even an old 50mm kit lens will work). It was really hard to focus because the DoF was so narrow.

    Name:  a77 006.jpg
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    I have a Sigma 90mm f/2.8 1:2 macro, 1:1 w/ 4X close up filter...attached with Fotodiox NIK - NEX Lens Adapter.
    Seems to be a bit unknown, since the Sigma 105mm was released to replace it.

    Taken with Sony Xperia Z1s

    Sigma 90mm f/2.8 Fotodiox Nik~Nex Adapter SONY A6000
    by dragioniii, on Flickr
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    I own two macro lenses, a set of close up filters, ~4 reverse macro rings, extension tubes and bellows (never used).
    I also have an old Meyer Optik 50mm f1.8 which has a mfd of 30cm.

    Tamron SO Adaptall2 90mm Macro - 150 bucks I think, eBay 3 years ago
    My first macro was a fully manual f2.5 1:2 macro or 1:1 with removable teleconverter (I don't have). I didn't use it much until I jumped from AOS-C to FF. This lens has a very long focus throw, the barrel rotates as it extends out to twice the length. It's an all glass, metal and rubber design, no plastic from what I can see or feel. This is a very solid lens and is heavy. Colour rendering is brilliant, with lots of very rich smooth tones. Peak sharpness is at the wrong end of the aperture range, somewhere between 4 and 8. Generally you want it at about f11-16. It's also not the sharpest macro lens, not un sharp but nicely smooth. I have taken some of my favourite macro shots with this glass. It doubles as a brilliant portrait lens. Example

    Minolta AF 100mm f2.8 1:1 Macro RS - ~300 buck eBay perfect copy, 6 months ago
    As it stands I think I have taken more photos with this lens than any other this year (excluding shooting sports, because I hold down the burst until the buffer fills ).
    Its an absolute favourite of mine. Brilliant colours, soft bokeh, super sharp, lighter than the Tamron (plastic build), auto focus. As a macro this lens excels. As a portrait lens it excels. For street photography or anything with a lot of movement the af can be crippled. In controlled situations the af works well. It can hunt if the subject it near the 0.3m limiter. One of the things I love about this lens is the colour rendering, its so nice, rich, smooth, natural yet saturated, perfect for portraits.

    Insect Examples - you could see all the detail in the fly's eyes before it was compressed for web

    100 100mm Portraits all straight off of camera, raw saved as jpegs, no processing

    Meyer Optik 50mm f1.8 m42 - 20 bucks with a camera, at least a year ago
    Not a macro but I use it a lot for this type of work. The min distance is 30cm, the average of my 50mms is 45cm, so you can get a lot closer. When coupled with extension tubes you can get real close to a subject. One reason why I like this is sometimes the 100mm telephoto compression flattens out images to much. With a 50mm you can still get some depth to a shot. This depth is great for making things look bigger than they are. The other reason for grabbing this over the other two is its size and weight; Small and light, perfect for longer handheld shoots. Example

    Now let's talk other options
    Close up filter screw onto the front of any lens, work like a magnifying glass. I have yet to use a close up filter which resulted in a nice image. Would not recommended - 50 bucks, well overpriced local camera shop
    Reverse Macro Ring. I own 4 different of them, all for the Minolta MC/MD mount. I have tried multiple combos of ring and lens. Each allowed to get to a different distance. All exhibited the same issue, in the centre a spot would be over exposed will the rest was fine. I tried hoods to no effect. Because I would not recommend - $? Included in multiple ebay wins
    Extension Tubes can work very well. I have repeatedly used them with the Tamron, Meyer and other 50mm lenses. They seam to work best with 50-58mm focal lengths with a min focus distance less than 50cm, closer the better. Example - 40 bucks I think, camera shop
    Bellows work like extension tubes but are more flexible. Require a larger setup, probably need a tripod.

    From my experience I rank the Minolta as the best option, Tamron than Extension Tubes (dependant on lens used with it) not far behind. Generally the auto focus of the minolta isn't needed. Optically the Minolta far out performs the others, it's also 1:1 and easily in my top three lenses (Zeiss 35, 16-35 and Minolta 100mm, no order). Only real draw back it the extra bulk of the LA-EA4 adapter and battery grip to balance it out (not required just helps handheld a lot)

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    Minolta AF 100mm f2.8 Macro RS - Sony A7 with HVL-F43M

    Name:  image.jpg
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    Minolta AF 100mm f2.8 Macro - Sony A7

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    Tamron SP Adaptall2 90mm f2.5 1:2 Macro

    Name:  image.jpg
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    Meyer Optik Gorlita 50mm f1.8 with extension tube

    Name:  image.jpg
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    Pentax-M SMC 50mm f1.7 with extension tube
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