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Thread: Buying new e-mount aps-c lenses from eBay?

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    Buying new e-mount aps-c lenses from eBay?

    Hey Guys,
    I'm just getting into the market of interchangeable lenses and was wondering what the general thoughts were on buying new from eBay?

    My first lens will be the SEL35F18 and I saw a really good deal here.

    The price is lower than anywhere else, which naturally makes me skeptical. But the seller seems highly rated, and the product is brand new, so I'm confused. Am I just being paranoid and should I go ahead with this purchase?

    Thanks for any advice!


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    Hi Emad,

    I bought brand new SELP18105G from eBay, from company in Japan. Lens works great. Price on eBay from that company was $452. Price on Amazon and elsewhere is $598. Big difference. Was delivered in 5 days. Just check for ratings.

    Good luck.

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    As long as you are completely comfortable with what ever price you pay being lost forever.

    I am not a trusting eBay user. Been 'burnt' and I wouldn't recommend anyone use that site for anything.....ever! Lost $250.00 Lesson learned....

    Scott (that's my opinion) B

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    I have also been screwed using Ebay, but that does not mean all sellers are bad I have had many great transactions using Ebay as well. The issue with "new gear" often times is it has no warranty and can be from other regions. This can cause features to not work on cameras or language issues for example.. Lenses you are more hoping it's perfect because returning is usually a nightmare if even possible....

    Best of luck,
    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    When I had my a58 I made two A-mount lens purchases on eBay. One purchase (SAL50F14) turned out great. However, the other purchase a SAL1650F28 suffered from sticking aperature blades from day 1 and exposure was all over the place when I would take pictures. I'd like to think it was an honest mistake but it seems really strange to me that the seller wouldn't have noticed this issue. The seller was pretty good about communicating with me although ultimately challenged my return, but thankfully lost and eBay decided in my favor (was able to return for a full refund).

    For other people with bad experiences, I'm curious what happened?

    As Jay mentioned its pretty safe to assume that new lenses will not come with any warranty and I wouldn't put any faith behind a "seller warranty" (who could very well no longer be a seller or not want to help you when you have an issue).

    I would also make sure to ask questions about any scratches, moisture, or non-working functions so that way if there are any major issues like that you have it in writing for a dispute.
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    With regard ebay and individual sellers, my lens experience has been poor. For every good lens that ive received, i have received a flawed one. I'd say it's 50/50.
    Even Cameta Camera , ive had bad experiences with them.

    The best i have used here in the US are B&H, Adorama and KEH. KEH usually has the best quality selection for much older glass and equipment. I feel their rating system is much more accurate.
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    Good feedback guys. Unfortunately, I did go ahead and purchase that lens from eBay and while the lens does look fine (still waiting on a6300 body) physically, it is *I think* missing the warranty. That should just be a sheet in the box, right? What's up with them taking the warranty out anyway? Now I kind of feel a bit nervous, but is there anything I can check to know whether it's under warranty etc.? It's supposed to be brand new, and it did come in the original box with all the wrapping, etc... (except the warranty, just two manuals?)

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    I prefer grey importers to ebay for new gear. There are some reputable ones in the UK who offer a local guarantee, even though the manufacturer does not.

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