Over my life I have seen things some might never see and this is also true the other way.
But I can only comment on life from my own outlook and in that time I have come up with 2 quotes I live by.
Number one is actually tattooed on me and the other will be done one day.

So here is my first quote.
Listen to those who know.
If you listen, Know that they know.

What it means is that I might ask my wife how to take a photo.
But she would have no idea, so I would come here to ask.
As I know that the people here know.
Quite simple but so true I feel.

Number 2 is,
Never regret what you have done.
Only regret what you wanted to do but didn't.

Really this is simple. Say I bought a camera and and it was a little too expensive.
Well I have bought it so why worry about it now.
So the other part means I looked at this camera but said it was too expensive so I never did buy it.
Only to find out the next day I should have bout it but it was sold to someone else.

That really what that one means. And both have been thought up by me.