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Thread: The A6000 is a great camera but:

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    Question The A6000 is a great camera but:

    The A6000 is a great camera but I would like to adapt my zoom stereo microphone to it for movies and don't know how. I used the mike on my Lumix FZ200 and I would rather not buy a new one. It uses a simple wired mini stereo plug. Any suggestions?

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    Sorry, but your only option is something like the Sony ECM-XYST1M Stereo Microphone for the A6000. The A6000 does not have a microphone in port unfortunately, which limits you to something like this unit below. The audio will get into the camera, but only thru the internal smarts of the camera hot shoe and what not... Sorry, but I don't no of any work around for this myself, but I'm sure somebody has figured out a way to hack the hot shoe with another device of some sort by now

    Name:  sony_ecmxyst1m_stereo_microphone_for_multi_913245.jpg
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    I hope that helps a little although not the best news,

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