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Thread: How to set up a7rmk2 for social media videos

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    How to set up a7rmk2 for social media videos

    Hi I am going to a small fashion show tomorrow and was thinking to try a bit of video as well the still i have been asked to take.
    lighting is not really a issue lots of lighting on the catwalk.
    the problem is I know nothing about video settings. All i would do with this footage, if anything, is post on youtube or other social media, so i was wondering in my ignorance if i should just use the camera s it came from the box ie mp4 and so on?
    if some one would suggest basic settings to set re focus area focus mode and so on as well as the actual video setting in the menu setting which i find somewhat bewildering i would be very very grateful

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    Your quality setting depends on SD card you are using.
    SDXC UH3 card will let you record 4K XAVC-S (100mbs) in full frame and Super 35 (crop mode)
    SDXC UH1 will let you record in HD XAVC-S (50mbs)
    SDHC will let you record in HD AVCHD (27mbs)

    I would recommend 4K in Super 35 mode. Shutter speed 1/50 at 24fps mode, adjust aperture and ISO as needed

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