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Thread: Monochrome Question

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    Monochrome Question

    I am back asking a question for you all here who are the ones I trust to give me the right answer.

    What are your idea's on this monochrome.
    Mine are that this, a monochrome can be of any colour but you can only use shades or lighter or darker tones of this colour.
    So if I pick Green I can go from Olive Green way down to Lime Green with all the shades in between them.
    Also can be got Greys to Black.

    Though changing a colour picture to a Black and White photo is not the right interpretation as I think this is where it is just a Black and White Photo.
    I am willing to be wrong and I may well be with this Black and White part, but I am sure I am right with the colour side of it.

    I once applied to do a course which could have given me the opportunity to work in a photo lab.
    What I had to take was a few images with me to this interview.
    I was doing a course already and we had just done a show and tell about or images to all the class the night before.
    It worked out that we had over 20 images so I took them along to show what I am up to.

    I done this one shot of a light Pink flower with the trumpet part darkening to a very deep pink.
    I had this sitting on a red paper and the man said this was a fine example of a monochome.
    And I never asked him about it I just went with it.
    I did get one wrong but even he said this was due to the way we were taught.
    Needless to say the young woman who done our class never got asked to came back after that.

    So for a long question, but it is important that I know.
    Thanks everyone.
    CC is always welcome, the good and the bad. I promise not to take it personal as I know it wasn't meant that way.

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    Hello Gramps
    As I'm sure you'll know the dictionary definition of monochrome is "a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour".
    However I'm sure I'm right in saying that in photographic circles it is generally used to refer to just to a black and white image unless specifically stated otherwise. How that image was produced i.e whether it was converted from colour or originally shot in b&w, is unimportant.

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    Platinum or Chrome. i recall years ago overhearing a photographer say he preferred Platinum over Monochrome because the images were warmer and not as contrasting. That's about as much as far as my memory and experience go
    Technically a "Monochrome" image is a image consisting of various shades of one single color, the color can be any color. But as Yorkie brought out, generally it's referenced to black and white photos.
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    Any single color, including the shades of gray (B&W)

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