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Thread: Display A6000 images on TV through USB?

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    Display A6000 images on TV through USB?


    Yesterday we came back from a great trip to Iceland and wanted to show the footage/images right away to my parents.

    I hooked up the a6000 with the multi port (USB) to their smart-tv... It booted up and says USB storage device. I can even browse to two folders, Info and License (or some other names) but I could not find the second folder with the images.

    I know that (by browsing the camera on my laptop that Sony decided to partition the SD card in two folders, but only the 'wrong' folder shows up.

    Is there a setting to change this (I browsed through all the settings with the toolbox and USB settings, set it to Auto etc.) so that I can show images straight of the cam on a TV using USB?

    Meanwhile, I might go and buy an adapter for Micro-HDMI to HDMI so I can at least try the other port. But this feels kind of strange...

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    Sony want you to use the HDMI port for viewing images on the television which is why the files are hidden I believe Also, so only Sony TV's can work flawlessly with them I assume.. Proprietary nonsense most likely...

    One option is to use a USB key and transfer the images to that for easy display if you don't want to use the HDMI.

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    Jay, thanks for the info.

    It sort of figures Sony wants to do it this way; a bit like Apple works (walled garden system).

    My luck, the local super-store had an HDMI cable for a bargain because the box had been opened so I am now the proud ownwer of yet another 1.5M cable that I have to stow in the camerabag. Yeeh.

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