This is pretty interesting and if you view in Google Chrome, you can actually rotate the video around as it plays to check 360 degrees! Amazing to say the least and if you want to see North Korea a bit closer, a must watch

North Korea 360 Video ( Young Pioneer Tours - 2015 June Tour )

Gear Used: Entaniya

Published on Jul 10, 2015
The world's first 360 degree video shot in North Korea. CONTROL WHERE YOU WANT TO LOOK ! This video contains excerpts from my tour through the Northeastern parts of North Korea and covers Rason, Namyang, Hoeryon, Chongjin, Kyongson and Chilbo. For more exclusive North Korean images, follow me on Facebook: .

00:00 - 02:04 Our trip from Beijing to Tumen via train. Tune is the border town to North Korea and has extremely strong Korean influences. Practically everyone speaks Korean in addition to Chinese.
02:04 - 02:20 We walk across the bridge from Tumen into Namyang, North Korea
02:21 - 02:48 We are in Namyang and we are introduced to our North Korean guide, Mr So Myong-il
02:49 - 02:58 We make our way across the countryside
02:59 - 03:04 Checking out the Wangjaesan Grand Monument in Onsong County. It is the 2nd tallest monument in the DPRK.
03:05 - 03:49 We check out the Kim Ki Song Hoeryong Senior Secondary School. and some of us try to help out with their English lesson.
03:49 - 04:10 Traveling across the countryside
04:10 - 04:25 We arrive in Chongjin and check out the Pohang Square.
04:26 - 04:57 Our trip across Chongjin.
04:58 - 06:59 The hike around the Chilbosan mountains which includes several peaks, a cave, a buddhist temple and a waterfall.
09:02 - 09:20 The video skips the road trip all the way to the eastern shore of Myongchon where we take a boat ride along the coast and have a couple of beers.
09:21 - 11:23 Wrestling matches with the local villages. Round one was Australia VS DPRK. Round two was USA VS DPRK. everyone had some good fun.
11:23 - 11:43 We were talking to some locals when I whipped out my camera. The conversation got a little awkward once they knew I was recording so I shut it off.
11:43 - 12:26 We hike another part of Chilbosan
12:27 - 13:16 We stopped by the eastern shore of Orang for a look.
13:17 - 14:50 We return to Chongjin to take the city’s first trolley bus ride for foreigners.
14:51 - 15:14 The locals show off one of their most talented students.
15:15 - 15:32 We are in the Rason special economic zone. Our first stop is the Rason Grand monument.
15:33 - 16:01 We check out a section of the Rajin Port. In the distance, you can see coal being loaded onto a Chinese ship.
16:02 - 16:32 We dine at a Russian bar/restaurant. There are plenty of restaurants in Rason due to the large number of foreigners doing businesses here.
16:33 - 17:15 I get a stored value cash-card from the Golden Triangle Bank as a souvenir. They cannot be used outside of Rason as there is another cash-card system for the rest of the country.
17:16 - 18:14 We visit a shoe factory in Rason
18:14 - 19:02 We come Tumangang where we can see the three borders of Russia, China and the DPRK.