All I knew about these was enough to place on a postage stamp, so that means I knew bugger all.
But from what it was saying I just thought they would be a worth while thing to have in our camera bag.

I went hunting on Ebay and found what I was looking for and found one for my a77.
Went and ordered it and waited. Never even thought about doing a little bit of reading about them.
So when it came we were going out. Into the pocket it went.
When I stepped out of the car it fell out of my pocket and I stepped lightly on it.
Thought this is when I found out that it was made of metal and not a plastic one.

I have only take around 5 shots with it. One can be found in the Manual Challenge 8 on here.
So far I am finding that my 18/55 common lens is a good powerful macro lens now.
With a few extra adapters I am sure I can work it to get my real macro lens on.
And I think if I can I will have some super macro shots.

But I think these are worth a look at for us all.