Hey SAF Team,

I'm trying to find a way to record video in a reliable way. These cameras are excellent for pictures, but for video I can't trust them. Here is my problem.

Every time I have to record an event that is let's say 90 minutes long. I always end up missing a part because the cameras don't always reach the 29 mins. Sometimes they get hot, and when they get hot, they might have just been recording for 9 minutes and will shut down.

I'm using an a5000 as a second camera to cover the minutes when the a6000 is off but the a5000 is even worst, sometimes doesn't show the thermometer and just shuts off.
I know using 2 Atomos Ninja 2 is expensive, but I like the e-mount APS-C format and got basically all the lenses I need.

I just can't find and answer if using the Ninja 2 will stop the camera from getting too hot and shut down. I can imagine that I can record plus 30minutes.
I'm just new to this HDMI out recording thing.