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Thread: Many thanks for the help and reply , giving more details

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    Many thanks for the help and reply , giving more details

    Thanks very much for the quick reply Thanks very much for the quick reply am shooting in DMF mode and Focus area am using Flexible Spot Small , Metering mode am using spot metering , sometimes i get bit blurry photos while doing street photography and i want pics to be more sharp and clear, few things happened while i was shooting i became bit blur i mean a motorcycle passed and after clicking i saw the motorcycle was bit blurred and few people who were walking also i was shooting a function which was going on in the street so how i overcome this and i want to do both freezing action and subject be sharp



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    If we could see the image with its metadata, I could maybe figure out what is happening. You either simply missed focus or you are using to slow of a shutter speed. If shutter speed is too slow, everything moving will have motion blur, and all images become more susceptible to camera shake, try and shoot with a faster shutter speed (which draws in less light) compensating with aperture and ISO.

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