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Thread: A7R vs A7II .. Help me choose!

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    A7II advantages:

    5 axis IBIS.
    Faster AF.
    Superior AF tracking.
    More robust lens mount.
    Electronic first-curtain shutter.
    Faster continuous frame rate.
    Better grip.
    Better button placement.
    More customizable buttons.
    Better LCD.
    Faster power up.
    Lower price.
    Better video.
    Galaxy S6 cover
    Samsung Galaxy S6 cover
    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge cover

    A7R advantages:

    36 megapixel.
    Which one do you want to choose?
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    Sony A7 II was released 1 year after the release of A7 and A7r. It is good to know that Sony continue to innovate and to improve.

    Other A7r advantages include:
    Lighter (in weight)
    Smaller (more compact, easier to carry in smaller bag)
    No optical low-pass filter (No anti-aliasing filter). This is important for sharper images.

    I still use A7r more often than A7 II myself.

    And Alixtrol, welcome to Sony Alpha Forum
    Amateur and unskilled photographer with a very small collection of gears.

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