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Thread: small annoyances

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    small annoyances

    I don't know if these "features" are specific to the a6000, or perhaps to more model lines, but thought perhaps some of you might have discovered workarounds /cobbled together solutions. Both are primarily associated with hiking about with the camera on a strap.

    a) The tacky little eye cup keeps getting knocked off. It is currently AWOL. I love the eye cup I have for my old Minolta bodies -- it screwed on and entirely enveloped my eye in darkness. I wish I could figure out a way to attach it to my a6000. *sigh. I hesitate to order yet another altogether too expensive eye cup if it is just going to fling itself off into the dirt at the first opportunity.

    b) The power switch keeps turning itself on/off, resulting in many blank (true B&W!) frames, and draining the battery post haste. I've learned to take extra batteries, but what a PITA


    This probably should have gone in the Q&A section, but I can't seem to move it there now...
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