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Thread: So What Camera Bag Do You Have and/or Want??

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    Just wanted to add details on two more bags I picked up. I have been wanting something that will fit both my a3000, a5000 along with a few lenses. Here are two options I found that have enough room, yet are compact.

    Left: Caselogic CPL-106 / Right: Sony LCS-SC8

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    Caselogic CLP-106 ($29) from B&H Photo. Also available at Target online and Fry's Electronics (will price match) in store- This bag looks much more discrete than the Sony bag and doesn't necessarily look like you have a bunch of expensive gear inside, which would be better when traveling. I also like that the top zipper opens up from the back for easier access while carrying the bag. It fits nicely in the bottom part of a backpack (if you are flying somewhere) and you'll still have room towards the top of your backpack for a light jacket, etc. It is a tighter fit than the Sony bag, but will still easily hold two emount cameras with lenses attached (assuming only one is an a3000) and you'll have room for 2-3 extra lenses. Another nice feature is it has a waterproof hood that is hidden away when not in use.

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    Sony LCS-SC8 ($38) from B&H Photo. Also available from Amazon and Frys Electronics- Great looking bag which I really wanted to like. However, it is a bit wider than needed and has a more awkward shape (I feel like I'm carrying a lunchbox or cooler). The wider size of this case is unnecessary for most E-mount cameras (as you can see from the pictures) and seems like it would be better for larger A-mount cameras.

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    Note: pictures contain a3000 with 55-210mm lens attached, a5000 with 18-55mm lens attached, 16-50mm, and 20mm lens inside bags

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    a3000 & a5000: Touit 12/2.8, 32/1.8, and 50/2.8, Sony 55-210

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    Nice find.

    I personally prefer the Sony LCS-SC8.
    A bit more room there and I think the physical appearance looks better than the Caselogic.

    How do they compare in quality?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragion View Post
    Nice find.

    I personally prefer the Sony LCS-SC8.
    A bit more room there and I think the physical appearance looks better than the Caselogic.

    How do they compare in quality?
    I definitely agree about the appearance. I think the Sony case does look more attractive and I would say it is a little better in quality. The foam padding in the bag and dividers on the Sony model is more structured and firm, where the Caselogic still provides good protection, but molds a little more to the shape of the items inside (as you can see in the picture, specifically around the a3000).

    Since my main purpose for the bag is for traveling where I would be carrying it around all day, I prefer the Caselogic due to the shape/size (especially for flying). However, for a bag to take around locally for part of the day (and if I had more gear) the additional room/quality of the Sony would probably sway me in the other direction.
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    I found this "Swiss Army" brand bag on ebay for $30 its working good for me lots of pockets on the sides for accessories and a tablet.

    Previously i had a CADEN,, but it lacked rigidity and sunk in the middle. worst of all the tinny hairs from the liner got on everything and the sensor.
    It looked great, but it was low quality.

    But the best camera bag i ever had, and loved was an old LowPRO. it got stolen out of my car with about 3000 dollars worth of equipment and lenses. I try to keep things low key now
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    another great find on Craigslist last week... I'm really glad I picked this up, the Think Tank "Sling-O-Matic 30". It was like new, the seller literally used it once and decided it's too much bag for her needs, had all the tags and extra pieces still in sealed bags, MSRP was $199, I paid $90. Although Think Tank has discontinued this bag (which I don't know why, there seems to be a lot of disappointed people about that), it's build quality is excellent. I found out later that the 2 guys that started the company used to work at Lowepro

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    i use a amazon basic backpack, will post a picture later
    I used to own stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPtheALIEN View Post
    Do you ride with a backpack? If so, I found a solution that attaches to my backpack's strap that keeps my camera right there.

    Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW

    I've been using this to replace my former LowPro backpack. It's been amazing and I can lean confidently knowing that this small bag isn't going to hinder me. The former was a LowPro 350 AW, stable but enormous. The only reason I had it was to accommodate a 17" laptop which I axed because it was too big.

    Used this on Hiking in my local state park hunting for birds -- it's not terrible actually.

    Motorcycle touring set up

    When I go biking for 6 or so hours though. RX100 mk3 seems like a strong choice.
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