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  1. I did buy some kitchen stuff, shorts, sandals... with your link in last month from Amazon, so I was just wondering if you see anything from them.
  2. Yes it worked Obelix and thank you very much for both using the link and asking me to verify the sale! I often wonder how many sales don't go through. I purchased a very expensive item one time from BH and it did not go through. I was really pissed and BH said it was my fault Not sure what the deal is, but the more verification on these things the better if you ask me

    Thanks again,

  3. Hey Jay
    I just got Rokinon 21mm f1.4 lens (it was on sale for Prime Day), can you check if link is working?
    I didn't have problem or anything, just random check.
  4. Whoops, all fixed!! Thank you
  5. You could at least spell Jason's last name correctly
  6. Just deleted another post from online store, in "Photography Talk" subforum
  7. He was probably doing it him self, just trying to promote his porn site.
  8. Thanks man, not sure why it would not come up before, but I got him banned now. Sorry for letting that one slip through. I am still manually approving everybody by searching the IP's of every new register. About 90% are spam, but occasionally some come up that look legit and turn out to be spam.

    Thanks again for all the help and efforts on the forums in particular!

  9. It should not be open to everybody, only moderators and admin. I think it still has to be visible though unfortunately, because I can't figure out how to hide it?
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