• SAL Photography Challenge #2 - Night Photography

    16mm f/5.6 iso6400 ss30
    I think perhaps I need a less cloudy day? Or should I try to get further away? I was in a town in New Hampshire, 20 miles away from major cities. I can just start to see the Milky Way here but it's not as majestic as I want it to be. Since I'm further away from major cities I can actually see the smaller stars. Lens used was the 16-35mm f/4 OSS

    @Obelisk So many shots with your SEL 16-70mm f/4 OSS, Obelix, I can tell you really enjoy it, good for a walk around lens. : )!Your technique makes shots consistently sharp as well.

    @seanlancaster Great atmosphere in this shot sean : ) I think it might have lost it's flare if it was in focus.
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